Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2010 Halloween Festivities!

Here is a little flashback from our
Halloween fun this past year!

We started off in Cadens classroom!
 Then we had Halloween Bunkos!
We went as the Deal or No Deal girls!
 Keisha was an "AUBURN FAN" booo on her!!

Brittanni was LADY GAGA, and Jen was a KITTY

My crazzy Bunko girls!

At our church Fall Festival,
Caden was so happy to help out!

I had the Iron Bowl Toss! War Eagle!
The pumpkins were very creative!
This cheeseburger got first place!

This is me with my Darth Vader at another church festival

So precious!
 So sorry so late!!! I enjoyed my little flashback!!

Back to Blogging!

I am so excited that my life is getting a little normalcy back! I have missed so much updating on the ol blog! Hopefully I can go back and catch you up on the holidays, but that would actually be going all the back to Halloween! Well see what I can do!

So the past 8 months have been CRAZY! and that would be putting it nicely! I am definitely not having a pity party, but let me give you a little background that way you can understand the big deal of my latest blessing!! After moving into my duplex, it was broken in to. We weren't home, but they took Caden's PS3 and games. Well, about a month after that, I lost my job at the attorney's office due to the economy. I spent the entire Summer with Caden. Keeping my head up and enjoying our time together. School started and I had applied for several jobs, none working out. Closer to Christmas, I began getting a little frustrated, but still knew God had a plan. One week before Christmas, our house got broken into again, still we weren't home. However, this time they took his Wii, DS, all his games, a small flat screen and a dvd player. THAT WAS IT!! I was determined to find something else! Keep in mind, I had no job but I meant I was not living there anymore!!! I made a call to the apartment complex where I lived a few years ago to check and see if anything was available. While on the phone, she mentioned that one of the other properties in our town needed a manager. I jumped right on that!! I chased the district manager down from the week of Christmas until MLK day when I received the phone call that, guess what.... told me I GOT THE JOB!! I could not believe it! I have been without a job since June and I finally got one that included a super nice apartment!! I have been ecstatic for the past two weeks!! I had wonderful help from great friends and family to move in as soon as I could! I knew the entire time that God had a plan that would work out in His time, it just feels so amazing to know that it has finally worked out!! Thank you to everyone that kept me positive and helped me through my rough times!! God blessed me with you as well!!