Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Flowers

You know what is so weird? As much as I love weddings, and am so excited that it is my turn to have one, I have not been that picky about a lot of things. Actually, I am not exactly sure if I would describe it as "not picky", but for example; I don't really care what kind of flowers I have, as long as they're pretty! Same with the cake, decor, bridesmaids dresses, and so on. I will flip through and through and through looking at dresses, cakes, flowers, and if it is something I like then I am stuck on it and must have it. Other than that I am just whatever. I probably make no sense right now!!! I am just rambling! Sorry! I decided to show you bouquets that I like today, because I figured that would be the best way to show you the colors we are using. (you know he could care less, I just like saying we rather than I!) I am loving the soft pinks, yellows, and oranges. I guess you could say peach, but I get really weird calling it that. Like J Lo in Monter-in-Law! Feels too 1990's! I am pretty fortunate to have a step mom and grandmother as a florist, they can answer any questions that I have very quickly! Like I said these may look nothing like what I am having, they are just the look I am going for...

that's a little too purple!
did I say not picky?!

this one is not a bouquet, I just love peonies

We have our engagement pictures this weekend and I am so so excited! We are taking them at the Alabama National Fair! Our photographer pinned this shot on Pinterest and I was like, "yesssss!" So exciting!


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