Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Miss Princess Turns ONE!

I do believe that everyone even halfway associated with me knows how bad I want a baby girl ONE DAY (< key words here!) God knew what he was doing when he gave me a boy almost seven years ago and I love my Caden so much, but there is still a huge desire for a prissy, big bowed, bright eyed little girl! Well, one year ago He blessed my sister with what I've always dreamed of! The most beautiful baby girl with the best personality! I love her so much and if you haven't read about her you sure can in my previous post! Her party was last Sunday at the Moody park. Let me just say there will be no more June park parties unless a pool is involved! It was so hot!! Palyn looked like she had just gotten out of the bathtub! Bless her!
TaTa and Palyn

Her gorgeous cake

You can tell how hot she was!

I couldn't be happier with my son and niece! Those two are everything to me and many more!
 Happy 1st Birthday Palyn!

Small Town Friday Night!

I am behind! I will post a few today to catch up! Last Friday night, Caden and I went to watch some of his friends in their VBS program. Caden knew the songs that they were singing because at this point he had been to 2 other VBS that used the "Saddle Ridge Ranch" theme. The children were all dressed in their "ranch" attire, which was super cute! 
Landon and Karlee

Afterwards, we went to Marble City Grill. It has to be everyones favorite "small town restuarant" as far as atmosphere goes! On Thursday nights, they have karaoke that has the infamous "Elvis". This gentleman puts on a show when he gets up on stage and it is ridiculously hilarious! His name is Joe, but he sings a lot of Elvis songs and he likes to be called  Elvis. However, my son gave him the name "Burnin Love" after he sang "Burnin Love" one night it stuck with Caden and that's what he calls him. I love it! The weather was great on this Friday night, so we all sat out on the patio. I love that the kids can be free and play without me freaking out about interrupting someone elses dinner!
Landon and Caden

Handsome Caden and Beautiful Karlee
This is an example of the silliness the kids can have here,
 Dinosaur Caden and super cool Karlee!

I just love simple nights like this in our small town!

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Wedding Date

This is his most common silly face!

This past Saturday, Caden and I had 2 weddings to attend and they were only an hour apart! He was such a good boy at them both! (with the help of a Nintendo DS with the volume turned all the way down!) He would sit and play quitely until I made him stand up when the brides walked in! I just love those "babysitters"!

The first was Brandy Mims and Jesse Tucker. Brandy and I graduated high school together. Her wonderful father was severely burned right after Christmas, and spent months in the hospital. It was unknown for a while if he would be able to walk his oldest daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. Every time I see David Mims my heart smiles that he has come as far as he has in his healing. He is living proof of a miracle. To see him walk her down the aisle was breathtaking. These two had a beautiful wedding! I hated to have to rush off after the ceremony to the other wedding. I heard everyone had a great time at the reception, despite the rain! I wish these two the best!

Brandy and Jesse

The next wedding we went to was for Brittanni Berry and Brandon Brown. I have only known Brittanni for a few months. She is best friends with a few of my other friends that she went to high school with at Fayetteville. We met when we put our Bunko group back together this year. She is tons of fun and I am looking forward to many more fun times with her! Their wedding was beautiful as well.

Brittanni and Brandon

This was Caden's favorite part of being my date!
Filling up on as much candy as he could!!

Look at that face! "what?"

So after we finished stting around eating and socializing, Caden gets his filled candy bag and dropped it all! Bless his heart! Little beaded candies went everywhere! Luckily, we knew the waitress and she was so sweet about cleaning it all up! I think I had the best wedding date ever!!:)

Brooke, Me, and Jala

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

(almost!) Wordless Wednesday

Candace and I after not catching the
 bouquet at Crystal's wedding!

Candace and I after she finally got one!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Boats, Blues, and BBQ

My friend Lindsay and I planned last week to take our boys to the Boats, Blues, and BBQ festival. It was advertised as a festival with tons of fun things for the kids and plenty of BBQ and of course "The Largest Boatshow in the Southeast". I promise I didn't have any boatowners in mind!! HONESTLY!! Just fun with the kids! So, Lindsay and I drove 45 minutes there and could've sworn that it was advertised as free! When we pulled up the gentleman asked for $10.00 per adult. We laughingly asked if it was posted as free, and we didn't mind paying, but we were just checking! He asked us to hold on one minute and he would check for us. Then he came back and informed us, "Well, I got it down to $10 a car load, but you ladies can go ahead since you've waited!" whoo hooo!!  After parking and walking down toward the water and "festival" we were astounded. "Biggest Boatshow in the Southeast?", "Hmmm, how many are in the Southeast?" Those were the phrases going through our minds as we were walking around the 6 vendor tents and 2 inflatables. We were very thankful that Mr. Mike at the front gate let us through without paying!  However, if you know me, you know that I am going to have a good time anywhere! We did not let the lack of things to do at this festival get us down!! We started off at guessed it...

 The Inflatables!
Caden, Christian, and Taylor

Let me apologize for my horrible camera!
I will just say I have had bad luck with cameras!

We did see a friend from Sylacauga selling boats,
and he was nice enough to give us

A) a ride to the port a potties
They loved this!

B) a ride on a boat!
Taylor and Caden

Little Christian fell asleep holding his Mommy's hand!

We did end up having a great day in the sunshine! 
We even got to play at BK afterwards! 
Since Caden didn't get his nap in on the boat,
he took his chance in the car!!

Thank you Lindsay, Taylor, and Christian!
We had a great Saturday with you all!

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Bachelorette....

is tonight and I am excited!
(even though it is cheezy now!)

This guy is my fave so far!
David L.
He is the one that I would want!!
Not the hottest, but very nice personality!

This is my second fave!

annnd he probably is the HOTTEST!!:)

Curly or Short?

I usually cut Caden's hair every two weeks! Everyone usually suggest that I let it grow out, because they think he has "cool" hair. I don't know why, but for some reason I kinda like it how it is right now! It is actually about 5 weeks overdue! What do you think?! Leave it curly or cut it shorter as always?!



Now, I firmly believe he will be just as handsome either way, but I was just curious as to what everyone else thought!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Long Weekend = Long Post!

On my way home from work on Friday, we stopped at a graduation party for my cousin Allanah. I am so proud of this girl! Probably more proud than I've ever been for anyone! She has turned out to be such an amazing young lady and I know God has huge plans for her! She is Caden's "Nayna" and just like an aunt to him!! Good Job Nayna! We are so proud of you girl!!

My brother, Thomas also graduated this year! I am proud of him too! I just can't believe my baby brother is out of high school!! He used to be the sweetest little boy! (and he still is sweet to me!) I will show more of their graduation pics later, but here we are at his baccalaureate service!

Saturday morning our aunts from Atlanta came down for the weekend! I just love getting to spend time with them when they are down! We always have a lot of fun, and it was so nice not to be rushed around town all day!! As a gift to their mother, Helen, the brother-in-laws were going to paint the inside of the carport and around the awning of her house.

Here are the men hard at work!

And here were the wives WATCHING!!

I had to get out and help a little!

That night we had a fish fry and watched "The Proposal"
Love this movie!! It was my 2nd time watching it, but I laughed just as hard!!

Caden and I ended up staying the night, and had the breakfast that can always be expected when the girls are in town! It was so good!! It was so wonderful to spend more time with everyone too! Sunday afternoon, we were pretty lazy!

Shown here..

For the kids...
For the grown ups!

Monday, we were invited to a friend's house to celebrate Memorial day! We celebrated with tons of food, tons of kids, and best of all, tons of friends! It was a great day and we all hope to hang out more this summer!
Have to leave you on this picture because I'm pretty sure that's what we all were doing after our big day!! How sweet is she?!!