Friday, July 6, 2012

Show us your Life- Bathrooms

Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner for Show us your Life- Bathrooms. Our bathroom and living room are probably the only two that I am finished decorating. So I have not been able to participate in the other rooms with the home tours! Here is our master bath-

Looking in this is what you see.
To the left is the tub and to the right is shower and toilet.

Mr. & Mrs. Signs-
I got these frames at a yard sale and had a friend write on them. We used them on a tree at our wedding, as well.

Grey towels with yellow monogram.
Q tips for everyday use are close by!

This cross was also from a yard sale $3, and also used at our wedding

These are my things in the shower

Shane keeps his seperate!

Turning back around to the tub

I know the brown drawers dont exactly go with the color scheme but I am desperate for more storage space!! The glass vase has cotton balls in it since I use them daily.

The "everyday" jewelry is on top of the brown drawers

More monogrammed towels above tub

Yellow vase in corner of tub

Yellow rug from Target-
Sister bought it for wedding gift

And just to be real here-- I removed this for pics but my MK travel roll up bag pretty much stays here all of the time!

Our guest/Caden's bathroom have awful lighting for pics.
It only has lights above the sinks.

Beach photo holder, also a wedding gift.
We go to the beach a lot so I am sure that these photos will be swapped up.

Basket- yard sale

Shower curtian- blues, greens, and browns
Yard Sale- $4
practically brand new!

one sink on the right

another sink on the left
As you can see, I am still lacking my monogrammed towels for this bathroom!
I am thinking brown with green?!

Hope you enjoyed a tour of our bathrooms!! If you dont read Kelly's Korner, youre probably wondering why in the world I just showed you our bathrooms!!! ha!


Vanessa Marie said...

Where did you get your monogrammed towels?

brittany parrott said...

i bought the towels at tj maxx and had a lady monogram them!