Saturday, January 14, 2012

Caden's Lego Birthday Party

In October, yes October, Caden had his 8th birthday party. It was a Legos party, and so much fun! I always begin planning his party out months ahead, which my friends and family don't understand! It helps with a small budget to have a better party. I have more time to find diy ideas and clearence items. I am not linking any printables to this post, if you are interested in any sources just ask me in a message, and I will look for them. It was just so long ago for me to look for them now, when I really just want to share his party memories with friends and family, and for memory sake. This has a lot of photos, I managed to fit it all in one post! Thanks to my sister, Ryan, and Shane for taking the pictures while I ran around making sure the kids were all having a good time! A lot of work went into the party, and I would have hated for an activity to be overlooked just because they didn't know about it!! Not normally OCD, but when it comes to parties and events, maybe I am!! Thank you to Shane, my family, and friends that helped and put up with my craziness that week! I just knew that with us moving this year, it would be his last big party here, in our hometown.

The Decorations

I always love his cakes. Since his third birthday they have been made by Pam Barnett. She never fails us!
The letters were foam from Hobby Lobby. We kept them and I will try to find a way to use them in his room.

Obviously, everything was in Primary Lego colors.

Drink and present table

I wrapped a ton of boxes, mostly shoe boxes, and glued dots of the same color to them to make giant legos. I reccomend this to anyone having a lego party, because it took up huge spaces and were cheap and easy to make. There was another table full of them

The name banner was made by glueing dots of the same colors to the paper and then his letters.

Each guest table had a photo from the Disney lego store, a fun lego fact, and a pail of legos with a number "8". Pails and little blue clip stands were from Hobby Lobby.

Coloring station with leog printables

Lego brownies
Made by icing brownie and adding m &m's.

Primary colored candy bowls, M &M's, Skittles, Sour Patch kids, & Jolly Ranchers.
Jars filled with legos.

Bigger Legos for the smaller kids.

Each child got a slip that asked "How many Legos?" and the winner got the jar.

The straws were from Hobby Lobby and the faces were printed off.

The Family and Friends
Connie and Calan were a huge help.

As was Ryan!

Amy and Bridgett

Becca and Norah Belle

Crystal and Tata

Palyn and Emmie

Tata, Cindym and Aunt Lisa

Mom, Dan and Amy

Caden and Mawmaw Helen



Becca, Julie, Me, Crystal, and Emmie


Mawmaw Mary, Shane, and Deedee


The kids also took home a bag full of Legos. The bags were from Wal Mart and had dots glued on to them, and a tag thanking them for coming. Everything was printed in a Lego font that was downloaded.


Christopher, Presley, Kiki, Lacey, Mom, Ryan, Palyn, and Haigan

The Fun!

Palyn with a pink lego

Blurry, but about to sing happy birthday

I think he was embarrased!

Cutie pie loving her jolly rancher!

Playing under the table!

This is the other table with the lego boxes. I also painted baby food jars yellow and drew faces on then with sharpies. So cute, easy and cheap!

We thank you all so much for making his last party here amazing!!

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