Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wedding Wednesday- Meet my Maids

I am beyond thrilled that plans are coming together so easily. We finally got around to ordering a couple of engagement prints on Sunday and Shane called and said that he thinks they were delivered today! So excited! It was so hard to choose! However, it helped a lot knowing that our guest book will be filled with our favorite engagement shots, not much pressure to order one of everything! We still lack a caterer, and invitations. Hopefully, we will have a DJ on Sat. when we meet with one recommended by Julie. Now, it is way past time for you to meet the girls that have helped my world go round, some as way back as 1st grade!

Maid of Honor- Emmie

We had that on and off friendship that so many girls have throughout middle and high school. After high school, we became friends again and haven't let our distance come between us as she moved to Auburn and then Montgomery. We are lucky if we talk to each other once a week, but have to catch up on everything when we do get the chance. Our lives have def. headed in two opposite directions the past few years, but our friendship has stayed strong. She knows the most about me and even the most about Caden. She can imitate us both to a t! We love you Emmie, stay in Montgomery, I am headed your way babe!

Bridesmaid- Ryan, sister

This is my sister on my mom's side. She and I grew up together, and to this day can still only be around each other in small doses. I love her, and I know that she would do anything in this world for me. She gave Caden and I the best gift possible when she had our sweet Palyn.

Bridesmaid- Calan, sister

Calan is my sister on my dad's side. She has always been so precious and sweet. She had that shy personality growing up and was always so quiet. So opposite of me! She has grown out of her shell as she's gotten older, and isn't as shy. She is so funny with Caden, she is actually so firm with him! It makes me laugh to hear her get on to him! She also just got engaged last month!

Bridesmaid- Julie

Julie and I became friends in 3rd grade. We have so many funny memories together and I am so happy that we have gotten close again the past few years. Julie and I have the most in common as far as our season in life right now. She got engaged on Christmas morning and we are having so much fun planning our weddings and festivities. She is such a great girl and I love our time together!

Bridesmaid- Crystal

Crystal and I also became friends in third grade. Our friendship has grown in the past few years, and I am so glad. She just had her first little one, Coleman, and I cant wait to go and get my hands on him again. She is such a great mommy! She and others hosted our holiday shower for us in December in her home.

Bridesmaid- Kiki

Kiki and I became friends in 2010, at the beginning of a long hard streak in my life. She was there for me and kept my mind off of the hard times with her crazy humor. Her daughter Karlee, and Caden are really good friends. She has been the saddest about us moving away. I have promised her that we will be back for sure once a month!

Bridesmaid- Lacey

I became friends with Lacey and Kiki at the same time. They are super tight girlfriends and I somehow managed to squeeze in there with them. Everything that was said above for Kiki and my friendship could also be said for Laceys. She was also there for me during the hardest times. My stomach hurts from laughing everytime I am with these girls. I am so thankful our friendship.

Bridesmaid- Rebecca

Rebecca and I go back the furthest. She was the first friend that I had spend the night and that I spent the night with. Her parents took me to church and her mom told me we could not talk to boys! ;) We also had the on and off friendship through school, but have gotten so close the past few years. She lived in Germany last year and was so encouraging to me during my hard times. I hope she doesn't have to go away again!!

Bridesmaid- Holly

Holly is the friend that I adore and look up to so much. Our friendship began when I was in 8th grade, but she was in 10th and moved to Montevallo and Jacksonville after high school. We did a pretty good job staying in touch for a while, but haven't done so well lately. I am sad to say that. You always think that you'll stay close with your bests. I am so proud of Holly and her accomplishments. I am so happy to have her as a bridesmaid.

Flower Girl- Palyn

Did you really have to wonder about this? This is my daughter niece. She is JUST LIKE ME. So much that sometimes I have to send her back! I love her like my own and cant wait to have her priss down the aisle!

Honorary Bridesmaid- Ashley

Ashley and I became friends in middle school and by Jr high we were inseperable. We spent every weekend together in high school, and we could tell you anything about the other that you may ask.She went off to Auburn, and there wouldnt be that much time to keep up after that. I was a mama by then. I love her, and am also proud of her! When I asked Ashley to be a bridesmaid, she jumped up and down with excitement and agreed. After asking the date, she realized that it was the same as another wedding she was already in. We were mostly sad that wont even be able to attend. We both teared up and tried not to cry, although we both feel a little sick at the thought. She called me last week with an idea to still be involved. She asked if she could design my bridesmaids dresses. UM, YESSS! Did I mention that she worked with Tory Burch and that she started her own line? She is so talented!  So we are meeting this Saturday to go over colors and designs! I am so excited!!

I think it is awesome that I grew up with almost all of my girls! I feel so blessed to have remained close or at least in touch with them! I hope that my kids have those same relationships with their friends.

(I just noticed that I am on the right in EVERY SINGLE ONE  of these pictures!! Ha! Guess that's my side!)

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