Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving went great! What a wonderful first it was for us! I'll post more details later!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Happy Mom

I have really enjoyed this book that a small group of women and I have been going over on Tuesday mornings. It is called, Feminine Appeal: seven virtues of a Godly wife and mother. I would love to go into more detail about it later, but I wanted to share this quick portion tonight. It really speaks to me as do many other parts of the book. How are we mothers setting the tone of our homes? Is it somewhere that people want to come to often? Are our husbands and children excited to come home? I want that kind of home. I have began praying for God to lead me to be that kind of mom/wife!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shower for Baby Coleman

Remember my friends, The Gardners? Well it is almost time for baby Coleman to be here! We are expecting him a little before Christmas and we are all so excited! We (below) gave them a baby shower a few weeks ago. It turned out very nice!

The hostesses

Crystal and her mom, Ms. Debbie

Ms. Debbie (g-ma), Carlee (aunt), Crystal (mom)
Mrs. Tammy (g-ma), and Mrs. Joan (great g-ma)

Crystal and Drew with their moms

Got to spend a little time with Lindsay and Rylee!

Look at these awesome hostess gifts that Crystal got for us!
They are so cute and I cant wait to hang mine!

After the shower, I went back over to the Gardners' to help unload and unpack. We went through all of his clothes and found out that he is good for a few months in the that area! We got a few loads washed and out away! We are ready for you now little man!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Palyn's First Pumpkin Patch

While I had Playn for a few days, I realized that she had never been to the Pumpkin Patch. Oh I just had to take her! She is 2 and I knew she would have so much fun. The week before, Shane, Caden, and I went to a different pumpkin patch. I had even just gotten Palyn a new pumpkin shirt from my friend Jen. All she needed was a matching bow and we were on our way!!

 ( A lot of sweet cousin pictures below!)
They look so big! I wish they were closer in this picture!

Mr. Baker picked us up and carried us up to the farm.

Caden and Mr. Baker
They had a lot of attention since it was during the week!

A little cotton pickin..

tractor chasin...

I love this unexpected picture!

Me and my boy!

A little swingin'...

playing on the hay...

it looks like Caden is coming to rescue her!

sliding down the hay

checking out the animals

Watching this lady feed the animals...
Caden was so grossed out!!

Palyn was watching close!

Their faces are so funny!

She loved the hayride the most

Which one?

Getting lessons on how to shuck corn from Mrs. Baker!!

I am so happy to have given this sweet girl her first trip to the pumpkin patch! We made some sweet memories that evening!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pilgram hats

How cute are these pilgram hats that my step mom and I made for Cadens class this week? Fudge stripped cookies, reeses, and yellow icing. Caden helped by unwrapping the reeses but then he was tired of helping! That's the way it always goes with him. Happy thanksgiving week!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wedding Wednesday- A Few Ramblings

It has been two weeks since I have had a Wedding Wednesday post! I was out of town for work one week and super busy the next. But during those two weeks, I feel like I accomplished so much!
  • I got my dress! Well, I picked it out and ordered it. It is due in April. I am so excited because the dress is the what you dream of the most about your wedding day, after your groom of course!;)
  • My mom bought me an awesome chandelier that will be above us during the ceremony!
  • We got a tonnnn of glassware from random places. Like vases, candle holders, and more vintage inspired pieces.
  • Almost all of my bridesmaids have accepted! All of Shane's groomsmen have accepted.
  • Our moms will meet tonight!! And I will meet Shane's sister and her family for the first time. We all live in different towns.
  • My friends have been hard at work planning our holiday shower. If I could have only one shower, it would def. be a holiday shower! I am so festive! Our closest family and friends will be invited to this. I will also be given a tea from each of my churches, and a couple's shower from more friends in the spring. So exciting!!
  • Two sweet ladies from my church were going to be taking care of the catering, however they have had some unfortunate issues come up and will be unable. I completely understand and am not stressing about the search for a caterer closer to the venue.
  • I have wanted my bachelorette getaway to be a trip to Nashville in early June for the CMA festival. I want this so bad and am about to get serious on the arrangements! Any tips are welcomed!
  • I designed our Cmas Card/ Save the Date and should be receiving them any day! I am so glad that I thought to combine the two!
  • Our engagement gallery is closed and our photographer just had a baby! I should be able to order prints soon! Still am not sure how to choose! I will leave you all with the few that have been shared!

Halloween 2011

It's ok that Im posting about Halloween the week of Thanksgiving, right? Of course, were all so busy!!

Saturday, we participated in our church's fall festival.
I tried to replicate Disney's Pirate make up!

Shane and I worked the Iron Bowl Toss.
The kids tried to ring the ball in the hole on whichever side they were a fan of.
Shane picked up most of the balls all afternoon and was pretty sore the next few days! Bless him!

After the festival, Caden went home with his friend and we finally got to go and see this movie! I was so ready because I waited a while to see it so that Shane and I could see it together. Julie and David joined us for the movie and we all loved it! It is so wonderful and I cried so hard!!

Sunday, after a birthday party, we came home and saw Brooklyn dressed as me for Halloween! How sweet?! And Caden was pretty excited about his Wimpy Kid book from Shane!

Kids Halloween Party

Caden didn't want to dress up this time, so he grabbed his clonetrooper helmet and star wars gun.
They are showing off their little monsters that they made!
We went trick or treating around the complex afterwards.

DeeDee and Caden
with Ruthie and Jenny

Monday night, Halloween, we went to my church as a child's festival. We attend every year. I helped my dad pass out sno cones while Caden jumped and then we were in bed by 8:30 on Halloween and that made me happy!!:)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tenants Turkey Time

We had our thanksgiving dinner tonight for the residents. I always arrange our parties around the kids. This time I had big intentions, but it all slipped up on us so quickly! I decided to have the dinner begin earlier in the day which gave them a chance to enjoy each others company without our little loves running around everywhere! A few of the boys came and ate after school. After dinner, one little boy went with me to take an elderly lady a plate. She tried to give me a check for the plate and I rejected. I kept telling her how we just wanted to bring it over to her. And the sweet boy said, " yeah that's all we wanted to do!" I wish you could've heard the sweet voice he said it in! The lady hugged me and thanked me and when I left she told me she loved me. Now I know people say it all of the time, but this meant so much to me. After we left I reminded him that we were serving others just like Jesus asks us to do and that we shouldn't accept anything in return for our services. I am so thankful for that opportunity to share that with them!