Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wedding Wednesday- Cake Inspiration

I didnt have time for a Wedding Wednesday post last week, but I sure missed it! I have not slowed down at pinning and printing my favorite inspirations. It is all still so exciting!! We are still waiting on our engagement proofs to come, I can hardly wait! I have a few of my cake inspirations below. Ours may look nothing like any of these, but I thought I would share them. I dont have time to link them to the sources so just  let me know if you would like to know them or go to my wedding pinboard. The lovely Pam Barnett will be doing our cake. My cake lady since Caden's 3rd birthday, and she has never disappointed!

This is very simple, but I always go back to it.
I love it.

Love the detail on this, do not love the top.

Really like this, may need a little color though.

It's my cake, and it can be girly if I want it to!
I love ruffles!

Not only am I obsessed with everything in this picture,
but I love the few different cakes there on the bottom right!!

Do you see that on the left?
I want that cake stand, but I will have that table skirt.
Who wants to make it for me?
Like I said, It's my cake table and it can be girly if I want!!
Shane will probably have something very manly on his!!!

This week I have been swapped on making guest list for various festivities. I can not believe how many people I am "close" to! I would love for everyone to come, however, We have decided to keep it family and close friends. I am terrified of leaving someone out or hurting someone's feelings. How did you all deal with this? Hope you are enjoying following along in our fun journey to becoming newlyweds!

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