Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wedding Wednesday- Our Photographer

The two biggest decisions that I was concerned about after the venue were the photographer and the catering. I knew I had to have great pictures and great food for our guest. I mean, they were driving an hour to join us on our special day. I had no clue where to start to find either of these. No stressing though! I knew it would work itself out, and it sure has! I attended the bridal show in Birmingham recently. There were two photographers there that caught my attention and they both had completely different styles. The one we did not go with was from Destin, FL. Yeah, that would have been one fat travel fee! Their style was more hollywood, movie ish type..but gorgeous!! Later, I came across j. woodbery photography. This was exactly what I had been imagining the whole time. Amazing, vintage, natural and so many other words come to mind when I try to describe her work. When I was looking around her booth I was in awe of her style and even her displays! I wanted my pictures to be just like the ones that I was looking at! Jennifer was so sweet and cute, and I just love a down to earth girl! I took her information after a short chat, then my step mom and I met back up with my mom. After telling my mom a little about what we had seen, she and I made our way back over to the booth. Being there a second time confirmed that she was who I wanted to capture our memories. I was so pleased to know that she was affordable when discussing the cost of everything that we wanted. Jennifer was willing to travel for both our engagement session, and the wedding day. We were also excited that she offers her own photo booth, which was something I knew I wanted for sure. When we became her fan on facebook, she was offering a free engagement session if we booked a September consultation with her. Done. So last Sunday afternoon, she became ours and we couldn't be happier with our decision! Now next weekend we will be taking our engagement photos!! Take a look at some of her work below and by clicking on her name here, j. woodbery photography. Also, you can become a fan on facebook here. Also, I do not know any of these people in these photos. They were borrowed from her page.

Were those not precious? In Love!!!

Now this below is not from her, but it is for sure something I want to do for our "first look".


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