Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Our Venue

Sorry about those kids, I kinda took these pics right off the Elms albums!

Its my first Wedding Wednesday post! Let me begin by telling you that I am not a high maintenance girl, no matter what you may think. All of my clothes, jewelry, Caden's clothes, household decor, and even party decor come on sale/clearance or  TJ Maxx/Ross. However, even though I will not be going all out and spending tons, I LOVE WEDDINGS and I have always dreamed of my own. My friends will tell you that they are probably so glad that this time has come for me, and will also be glad when it is gone so I will be over it! I love everything about them. They made my heart melt as a single girl and even more when I found my love. Now that you know how I fell about them, let me tell you about mine! Also, I obviously am no expert. I am going with the flow, and advice would be greatly appreciated. The first step I would say would be the venue. It would be very hard to book anything else without reserving the date with your venue first. I was so excited to check this off of my list. It made me feel like I could finally begin with everything else! June 16, 2012 became our day! Let me back up a little and tell you how this pretty place in little Coosada, AL became the place that we will share our vows in front of God, and our closest family and friends.

When Shane and I began talking about spending forever together, I immediately pictured our day taking place at Buena Vista, a beautiful place right beside Shane's neighborhood entrance. I thought it would be perfect to be so close to his house. When I looked it up online, I wasn't as impressed as I had hoped to be. So I began doing a little browsing through around the area. (I love my church and the church I grew up in, I just knew I didnt want a church wedding. I really wanted outdoor with the option of a "plan b" indoor) I came across a few nice places and took note of the prices. When I found The Elms, I knew that is where I wanted to marry him. The prices were reasonable, however; it only includes the venue, no tables, chairs, tent, nothing else. I didnt care, Ill find all of those! As I checked the calender, I knew I had always thought a May wedding would be perfect. "What do you mean there is only two dates left in May, 2012?" After checking back the next week, and noticing only one date in May remained, it was obvious that this place was in high demand. After a while of thinking, we decided that June may be better. Caden would be out of school, one more month to plan, AND I could have my bachelorette getaway at the CMA Festival in Nashville! Heck yes! Sign us up for June please! Yes, it may be a little hotter, but there are plenty of moss trees to keep our guests shaded and it will begin at 6:00pm. I am so pleased with our decision. We are very excited!

We will have a different arch,
Im hoping for this one Ive seen on Pinterest


Inside sunroom, where buffet would be

We will have a lit tent, isn't this so pretty?!

The Elms at night

Hope I didn't bore you with my first post!


Blissfully Burton said...

I love it! I did Wedding Wednesdays for my wedding, too! I am excited to read all about your prepping for the big day! Congrats!

Brittany said...

When I saw wedding Wednesday on your blog..I knew I had to do it! Thank you!