Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sad, Stormy Day

That is what we had here in Alabama yesterday. We knew it was supposed to get bad, but no one (not even James Spann) knew it was going to get as bad as it did. Luckily, here in Sylacauga, we only had a few trees fall and some families lose power. Compared to what the rest of the state went through, I am so very thankful. First we heard reports of a tornado in Cullman, AL. My district manager, actually lives there and she and her husband were down in a storm cellar when the storm came through. It damaged a lot of her house, but she was just thankful for their safety.

Then there was Tuscaloosa. Which has been the home of many of my friends and family for years at a time, while they attended the University. All of the photos and stories just break my heart. I know it couldve just as easily have been us. Many other towns were also affected yesterday by these awful tornadoes.

All of these photos look like they were taken somewhere else, not in my home state. The death tolls were rising continually yesterday and are still rising today. The toll was 162 as of 2 hours ago.We are all in prayer for these families that have lost loved ones as well as their homes.

We all are in such shock, but we are dying to help in any way we can. For starters, we are just asking for our complex residents to make any donations of food, water or anything else that may help out. We will then find a place in need to take it to. Even in these awful times, I know God is in control. We have to lean on our faith in Him, especially during these times when we don't have all the answers that we wish we did. 

Also, we all know here that our biggest rivalry is between Auburn and Alabama. A few months ago, when our beloved Toomer's Corner was poisoned in Auburn, some Alabama fans started a fund called "Tide for Toomer's" I loved it! I was so happy to see the fans pull together during that sad time. I am even more happy to see it again. Auburn fans have pulled together "Toomer's for Tuscaloosa" I have never been a mean, hateful fan so it brings joy to me seeing everyone put the silliness aside to help out.

‘Do not fear, for I am with you; do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’ Isaiah 41:10

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sweet Braylen's Candyland

Last weekend, we went to my friend Jennifer's sweet little Braylen's first birthday party. She had a Candyland theme, and it was so so cute! We only made it for the last hour, because of our church's egg hunt. We missed the sweet girl eating her cake, but we had plenty of time to play and watch her open her gifts!
Caden, Me, Jenn, and Braylen
The cutest decor!

The below bouncy house pics were taken at
"Gumdrop Mountian"

Our other friend Jenn V with Braylen

Birthday girl

opening our present

of course, Caden wanted to pretend to eat the candy decorations

"Lollipop Woods"
we were supposed to ring the pops with the hula hoops

"Gumball Lake"

The children were sent home with a candyland board game

And I didnt get a picture, but each guest signed a candyland gameboard for Braylen

Braylens candy bar!

Good job Jenn! Thank you for letting us join in on this special day!

Mary Kay Monday- Timewise Miracle Set

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's Up this Wednesday?

Today, I have packed up most of the Easter around here, put away my winter clothes , gotten out my summer clothes, and made these little treats!
They are Easter egg rice krispie treats!
There are blue, green, and red.

And if your little one is in
Mrs. Cleveland's 1st grade class,
they will be bringing one home tomorrow!

At our church we "young ladies" are wanting to find a bible study to begin. The obvious "go to" would be a Beth Moore. She never disappoints. I, however, am really yearning for a parenting guidance type of study. I have heard of one another local church has completed and they enjoyed it.

This is one I came across one another blog. I originally thought of doing this myself, but it would make a great group study, I think.

Before you suggest this next book, let me just tell you that we are starting it next month in Sunday school.
I am really looking forward to this! I have heard so many times that you cant put it down.

Let me know if you have any suggestions on a good study to start! Now I am going to finishing cleaning and packing for the ...I wont say it!...... (beeeeeach!)

Early Easter

Ok, Dont judge me! When asked to go to the beach this weekend, my first answer was, "no, its Easter!" But, after realizing that the kids were out of school half a day Thursday and all of Friday, I made some arrangements! I backed all of our festivities up one week. Our church service was AMAZING! It really felt like an Easter service. The Easter bunny came to see Caden that morning and as I posted yesterday, we had an egg hunt with my family. We will still find time at the beach this weekend for Easter related activities, and I thank God everyday for His son dying for us and rising again three days later. This will be a little different than normal, but I am still looking forward to it!! Check out what the Easter Bunny brought Caden...
He got: a chocolate cross, blue sock monkey, chocolate bunny from HOP, sour patch bunnies, snorkel and goggle set, ds accessories, star wars sticker book, reese pieces carrot, star wars magic beans, baukogan ball, and a r2d2 to add to his star wars collection, dont forget the candy filled eggs!

straight to r2d2!

he loves sour patch kids, but he said the bunnies are better!

checking out the star wars sticker book

looking like hes too big for a sock monkey!!

he began telling me why the cross was related to Easter

We normally dye our eggs the night before, but as you could tell from previous post, we have been so busy!! We dyed them before church.

Hope you all have a wonderful Good Friday and Easter! We had a great weekend celebrating and will definately enjoy our weekend!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Egg Hunts and more Egg Hunts

Thursday afternoon, we had our "resident egg hunt" at the apartments I manage. The residents brought candy filled eggs as well as pretty dyed ones. The kids all came out to play, made little bunnies, and found Easter eggs. We ate hot dogs, chips, cupcakes and tons of Easter candy! I was so happy that everything we as well as it did! I loved watching the kids have such a good time! The compliments that I received were so touching! It made all of the time and effort worth it when I heard them all say it was the best one yet.
Me, Tim, and Ms. Martha with all of the kiddos
Saturday, after our ball game, we ran in Walgreens to change out of our uniform and then headed straight to our church's Easter egg hunt. It was at Lake Howard this year and turned out very nice. A lot of the children brought friends and family so it was very nice to have guest that you arent used to having! I hope all of them choose to visit our church! They drew names out of a bucket for prizes. Caden won, however all of his favorite, the cotton candy, was taken. He settled for a herseys egg, but was happy to see Mr. Todd brought him cotton candy to church on Sunday! As if he really needed it!!
Caden found an egg

Sweet Kinley girl!

They are ready!

with his Herseys egg

Sunday afternoon, we celebrated Easter with my moms family. All of the sisters and their families came over to the apartments and we cooked our hamburgers and hotdogs and hid eggs for Caden and Palyn. They are still the only "great"children in the family. We almost never all get together, so it was a very nice time for everyone. We were all shocked that we had no drama!!  I dont know about your family, but our family is always at each other for one reason or another! Everyone has been getting along so well now for a while!Thankfully, we all know when one of us are in need, we are all there! I know that my grandmother smiles down from heaven on days like these! I have accumulated quite a few pair of bunny ears over the years from one thing or another. We all laughed when we had plenty to go around for all of the women! People really probably think were crazy when they see the pictures with our ears! But we had a good time!
all the sisters (missing my mom) and
nieces (missing my sister)
they hadnt gotten there yet

Hes so sweet!
My uncle said that he had to wear these
 because he was laughing at them!

Cadens Easter basket from Tata

Tata and Palyn

Sometimes she likes it,
 sometimes she doesnt!!

trying to take Caden's eggs!