Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Six Flags First Timer

I am not exactly how old I was when I began going to Six Flags, all I remember is that we went every summer and I loved it!! Tomorrow will be Caden's first time going! I hope he isn't a scaredy cat!! We shall see!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Becca Baby

Rebecca Lynn Riddle Caviness

Let me tell you a little about my Becca Baby! First of all, she is most definately one of the coolest girls you will ever meet. She is not, and never has been, afraid to be herself. We first became friends in the 1st grade at A. H. Watwood Elementary School, which just so happens to be the best elementary school ever!
She is the one on the left,
yep in the different shirt.
This girl has always had a style of her own!
This is just a newspaper clipping of us
with our other bff, Jere.
I have so many pictures of
Becca and I at this age,
but not many available right now.

Becca was the first "tom boy" I ever met! She loved Ninja Turtles so much that she slept with a stuffed red one every night! When our friends played Power Rangers at recess, she always wanted to be the red, which was Jason, yes, a boy! Of course, I was pink and Lindsay (the other girl in our picture above) was the yellow. But, even though she didn't have the same girly interest as Lindsay and I, we were all three the best of friends through elementary school. We were all three at each other's houses every weekend, and I don't really know why I remember this, but it took Rebecca sooo long to finish one pop tart! I had scarffed mine done before she was halfway finished!

We grew apart in middle and high school,
but were still there for each other.
Here we are right after Caden was born.

Here we are as Jr's with our friend, Erica

After high school, Becca and I both went to cosmetology school. She had the passion that I did not and has been sucessful in her career. She met the man of her (and her mom's) dreams and they married in 2008.
Dallas and Rebecca

Immediately after they wed, Dallas
had to head overseas for one year.
Her husband, Dallas

During his time away, Becca and
I would still hang out sometimes.
At Caden's 6th Birthday Party
She loves Caden, and he loves his Becca!

After being away from her husband
for one year, she had to move to Germany
for them to be able to live together.
I am so happy that they get to finally
get to be together, but I sure miss her!

Soon after, we get great news!
They are going to have a baby girl!

Norah Belle Caviness

When it comes down to it, Rebecca is probably hands down the best friend I have ever had. She was here for me when NO ONE else was. Even though she was miles and miles away, she kept me strong. She prayed for me and sent me bible verses. She made me laugh and reminded me that I had hope in my future. I love this girl and can not wait to see her this weekend for her baby shower and to just hang out!
Did I mention she was gorgeous?

I love you Becca Baby,
Thank you for being here for me always!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (Almost!)

We have a police officer in Sylacauga that was hit by a drunk driver early morning on July 5. The town has been great to come together to raise money for the family. We saw this lemonade stand on the corner downtown and stopped to get a glass. They will also have a car wash, motorcycle ride, bracelets, and car magnets to raise funds. His condition is getting better everyday, but he still needs the prayers.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beachy Birthday Party

Yes, my last four post were written in the same day! I was once again behind on my blogging!

Reese Barron is one of the most adorable 3 year olds we have ever met! His birthday party was a Beach Theme! It was too cute with sand, seashells, beach balls, sand buckets, a rope swing, a waterslide, and baby pools all around!
Birthday Boy!

Sweet Baby Sister, Presley

Caden coming down the slide

Adorable Beach Birthday Cake

Reese giving Haigan love in the pool

Rope Swinging!
He needs a few country boy lessons!

Singing Happy Birthday

We got to take home 3 goldfish!!!

And we named them
Roli, Poli, and Oli!!

Toy Story 3, Finally!

Caden's shirt says, "Toys will be Toys"
He is known for saying "Kids will be Kids" to me

After many failed attempts to make it to see the movie we've awaited since October, we made it! We went to see Toy Story 1 &2 in 3D when it came to theaters last Fall. Since then, (he) we have been facinated with Toy Story! I am usually not a fan of wearing character shirts out and about, but we HAD to make an exception for this! My friend, Lacey and I laughed just as hard as the kids!1 &2 were good, but 3 was great! To noone's surprise, Ken and Barbie were my faves! They were hilarious!
Layne, Kayden, and Caden

Toy Story fanatic here!

Two excited little boys!

They even got to take home these little
activity books with posters inside!

Big Boy goes to the Dentist

Doesn't he look thrilled?
We had a good visit! After we left, I said, "Aww Caden, we forgot our baggie with the toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouth wash." He said, "yeah, and I forgot to get a mask and the gloves!" It reminded me of all of the past times when we went to the dentist, he always got the gloves and the mask! Poor guy!

Prince and Princess in the Park

When we took little Miss Palyn home to her mommy and daddy, we met them at the Leeds Park. I've always loved this park, but rarely get to stop on our trips to and from Moody. Here are a few pictures from our short time at the park. (the heat was almost too hot to stand!)
He made it!

When we got home we went to
the pool with some friends!
Loving these summer days!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Let Freedom Ring!!

We have had too much fun this weekend! It has been long and therefore brings you a long post with lots of pictures!

Friday night, we had a kid free night, and went to eat at Marble City Grill. On our way to the car, we spotted the GAZEBRA! (gazebo) We all had the same idea! Silly Senior/Family/Engagment portraits!!! Please excuse us! We thought it was hilarious!
Senior Portrait Pose

Family Portrait Pose

Engagment Pose

We can't just be serious all the time!!

Saturday, we swam all day at our friend Sandie's. Which is where Caden spent the night with his friend, Payton the night before. Apparently, they played all night long because this was what I found when he was eating his corndogs that evening.
Yes, one gone, one left, and one halfway gone!!!!

That night, we went to a firework show!
This is one of my favorite pictures
 from the whole weekend!
 It reminds me of two All-American boys!!

On the 4th of July, we first went to my aunts for my grandmothers birthday.
This is MawMaw Mary,
 I spent a lot of time at her house when I was little and
 I will always remember her birthday!!

Afterward, we went to meet up with our friends!
 This was our day...

Had a quick "grown-up" cupcake fight!

Took a golf cart ride

Had a jump rope contest!

(The cupcake fight and the indoor jump roping were not
planned activities!! Just some spontaneous fun!!!)

Heading to the firework show!

Kayden and Caden

Palyn and Presley

Caden was sure to keep up his
 "Best Big Cousin" role!

We met my dad and step mom at the firework show in Childersburg after the one in Sylacauga. Gerald Wallace is a professional basketball player that graduated from Childersburg a few years before I did. He put on a great firework show for the town.  I must say that even though we didn't go anywhere on vacation or have any big plans for the 4th, it was the best one yet!