Monday, February 28, 2011

It's almost that time again

Baseball time of course! Who does not love a ballfield?! I know I do! I love the atmosphere; all of the excitement, the energy, the kids running around everywhere, and of course, watching your baby on the field! Just one problem though...Caden isn't such a big fan. He played when he was 4 and 5, we played with two other programs and didn't have such great experience. Caden was definately the kid playing in the grass in the outfield. He trotted the bases, and didn't care too much when he got out. He was so little too though. I was always worried that if we took a break, and then he decided later that he did want to play again, it might be too late. As in, he would be on the bench the whole game or something. When he told me he didn't want to play last year, I was fine with it. I wasn't going to push him causing him and I both to be miserable. (not to mention his teammates!) Much to my surprise, he did actually ask me to play this year. When he assured me that he still wanted to play as sign ups approached, I was both a little excited and nervous!

We bought our cleats and glove for this year and had our "try outs". We have been placed on a team, The Rays, and I think we will be very pleased! I hope that this year goes well and Caden learns many great skills. Most of all, I hope he has fun and makes great memories with new little buds!If he doesn't have fun, then I guess I can give up on him loving baseball and well move on to something else! Wish us luck!

4 yrs old
5 yrs old

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"We like to move it, move it!"

We went to Madagascar Live last week, and it was so cute! I was a little upset that they didnt allow pictures. We got caught taking the few that we did! (before we knew we couldnt) It was a little muscial that followed along with Madagascar 1. How can anyone not love Madagascar? It is so funny!! I really wish now that they would do one for Madagascar 2! Ha! At the end, they had everybody to stand up and dance to "move it" and it was great! Caden brought his stuffed Melman and Alex, you know so we wouldnt get there and buy the same things we already had! I am getting good at that!  They gave all of the kids little glasses that made them look like King Julian.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

This is where were going tonight!
We are big fans, and so excited!

Derby Racing

The RAs group at our church have been building pinewood derby cars for a few months now. They worked so hard on their little cars and on Friday it was time for them to all show off their masterpieces! We had the 2nd annual Pinewood Derby Race and invited little boys from all over town to come and join in on their fun. The other boys were able to rent cars from the previous years for a small donation. The RAs are trying to raise money for the camp this summer. We served hot dogs, sandwiches, chips, and drinks at a "Pit Stop Cafe". After the race, they had a "lock-in" and the boys were spending the whole night at the church. I only let Caden stay until 10:30, because he had baseball tryouts the next morning. I thought that was pretty late for my seven year old! Caden has loved this entire experience! He had the car in the bed with us that night and said, "Good night, Derby!" I laughed to myself! On Monday, I let him take his car to school and share it with his class. He was a proud little boy, which of course makes me a proud mommy!
Here are all of the derby cars,
arent they just precious?!

Caden's is the blue with the red stripe!

Where we served the dinner

Me and Kaylan in the kitchen

This was my work station,
Renting out the cars!

Layne, with his rental car

A few boys registering

Caden with a few friends

the RAs saying the pledge

First race for Caden was against his bestie, Kayden Johnson

The Winners!

Look how excited little Eli was!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Little Lovies!

Caden started a trend last Valentines Day that I hope only last him through his elementary years. That trend that may be known by many men out there,(sad to say)  is having 2 Valentines! I mean look at him, does it really surprise you?! He is so handsome!

We had our classroom Valentine party on Friday, Im guessing the teachers had rather the party be at the end of the week. So we made our goody bags, filled out our Valentine cards (which cost us a trip to Target because apparently Wal Marts werent cool enough), and bought his gifts for his "little lovies"!

His two girlfriends gifts

His friend, Kaitlyn
We love her!

Coloring his Vday Worksheet

Two other friends from class,
Dakyla and Morgan

Passing out his goody bags to his classmates

#1 girl...Karlee
She replied in her soft voice,
"Thank you Caden!"

#2 girl, Amanda
She looked at it and looked at him. I told him to tell her Happy Vday, so he told her. Then she said "thanks" and walked back in the room! She was completely caught offguard! So cute and shy!

His first grade class

He and I spent our Valentines Night together and he helped decorate these cupcakes for the party at my apartment complex.

He had a visit from Karlee, and she brought him this huge monkey! It slept with us last night, however ended up in the floor by morning!

Guess his mommy is all he needs to snuggle with!

Monday, February 14, 2011

My "New" Son

As a mother, you want so much for your child(ren). Sure I want him to make good grades, be a great friend, grow up to be a great husband and father. But more than any of these things I have prayed that he would choose to follow Jesus Christ. I have faith that if he does this, then all of these other successful things will fall into place. We have always talked about Jesus and answer tons of serious, as well as very silly questions. I knew that he would make his decision when he was ready. When it became time for us to join the church, as you can see in a previous post, Caden chose to ask Jesus to live in his heart. The preacher immediately asked us to set up a date for his baptism. Well, although I knew Caden made his decision on his own, I wanted to make sure that he fully understood what was going on. After all, he is only seven years old. We had a few others that were scheduled to be baptized on a particular Sunday, Caden assured me that he was ready. So, we invited our family and friends and it was THE BEST DAY I have ever experienced. When I saw my baby up there, my heart was so proud and I had the biggest tears ready to pour out. Then, our preacher, Brother Max, picked him up and set him in the middle. As he picked him up, Caden began holding his breath and it was so funny!! It definately lightened the mood from how serious I had been feeling. Then, he dunked him in the water and out came my "new " son! Our service that day was about how you can be baptized spiritually and you can just be baptized in the water. If you are only baptized in the water, but not spiritually then its like you weren't baptized at all. A lot of visitors were there and I hope that they enjoyed the message as much as we did.
This is when he was holding his breath!!


Im so proud of this boy!
This is all of my grandmothers children,
 except for my aunt Tina

This is my Dads family except for my brother

This is Nanda, Becca's mom,
and a very close friend of mine!

This was that evening, the Kids Coir
sang a song in our evening service

Caden was not wanting to do the motions!

So the one of the reasons that this is named My New Son, is because we were laying in bed the other night and I told Caden that I missed when he was four. I told him I wanted my sweet little boy back. He replied, "Well after I was baptized, I left your old son in the water so I will have to go back and get him for you!"
He kills me!!

The Greatest Show on Earth..

The Circus!! We have always gotten to go to the circus with our TaTa, except for the two years she lived out of state. This year, Ryan and Palyn were able to come with us. We make sure we get there early enough to make the pre show down on the arena floor. It is so fun to be able to see all of the clowns and preformers up close, and get our clown noses!!
We love our clown noses!

Little Miss Attitude!

Jugglers at the preshow

Not too sure how long I can get him to
dress up, but ill take it while I can!

One of the coolest acts!

Circus Sno cone!
We get one every year!

Precious Palyn watching the circus

Our favorite person ever! Our TaTa!
We love the circus! I hope Caden still wants to come even when he is bigger!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Hope she brightens your day, as she ALWAYS does ours!

Casino Night

It was my turn to host our Bunko night in January. The theme was Casino Night and we had it at Crystal's house. We always have a great time, however I never win ANYTHING! I always end up forgetting that you can win because we just have so much fun! We had yummy chili, Reese's pie, and cupcakes!

Nanda, Crystal, and Kristin

Crystal, Kristin and Julie

Julie and I

Me and Brittany Payton

Jennifer and Ashly

My mom got to play with us!

Kristin, Emmie, Coco, Julie, and Me

A lot of our girls werent able to make it this night, we sure did miss them all! We are looking forward to our PJ party at Jens this month!!