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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break- Nights

Our routine at the beach is usually to start the day about 11 by the beach or pool until about 4, then we head up to shower to go out to eat and maybe another fun activity. This isnt what we have to do every day/night, it just seems to always happen that way.
The first night when we arrived, we bought a few groceries at Wal Mart. Mostly cereal, snacks, drinks and sandwiches. I have this thing where I always want Froot Loops with marshmallows at the beach. This night was freezing!! Like I had to change from flips flops to closed toe shoes, because my toes were about to fall off. The next night, was a teeny bit better, but still cold. We went to the Back Porch and only had a 10 min wait, whooo!

Mama's boy!

Shane told me my nails looked like a high school girls. I told him it was my JOB to stay on top of the latest trends! Doesnt he know??

Can you tell Caden was a little cold?

We took Caden to the arcade after dinner, where he spent about 30 min on games and about an hour picking out prizes!! That has to aggrivate other moms too....spending that time picking our prizes from dollar tree. I want to be like ok play your games then hop in, we will go pick out 5 things from dollar tree and be done!

 The next day my mom joined us and since she works at LuLu's we thought we should take her to Margaritaville. (LuLu's is Lucy Buffet's restaurant and Margaritaville is her brother, Jimmy Buffet's)

Weather got a little warmer each night, but we still had jackets!

We also had friends from our connect group join us for dinner. We didnt get any pics together, but it was fun spending time with them and their kids too!

I really wouldn't, but I thought it would be funny to get this because of it saying "Parrothead Family" Ha!
(Our last name is Parrott) 
Is that TMI for the internet?

The plane has a disco ball and salt shaker drop down while they play "Margaritaville"

And people on stilts make you ballons hats or swords

Ok, probably the funniest part of our trip was that Caden chose a set of mustaches as a prize at the arcade. He wore them around and kept a straight face the whole time. He is hilarious. People would be like, "hey dude, nice mustache". He would just look at them and nod his head like, "thanks, I know Im cool".

We had the most gorgeous view of the sunset from our table! I had to do a lot of cropping to get the cars and power poles out of the picture, but this is sooo pretty and not even instagrammed edited! Looks like a true paradise sunset!

We tried to get a pic with it in the back, but it didnt work out so we just had us!

Walking by Tootsies, more funny comments were made about his mustache and trying to get in the 21 and over place. Funny boy!

The next evening, we decided to skip getting ready and walked down the beach to Pineapple Willy's since it was nearby.
He was looking more like Panama Jack with that hat!

You can imagine how much fun the "spring breakers" were having talking to Caden about his stache.
(He has already been telling his class mustache jokes this week! His fave is "I mustache you a question, nevermind, Ill shave it for later!")

And the next morning was time to head home and prepare for Easter events celebrating our Risen Savior!!!
We had a great, no stress vaca and are all feeling refreshed!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break- Beach

Shane has to book his vaca days in November before the new year. When asking me when he should take off, I tried asking him where he wanted to go. I was a little pressured trying to plan a family vaca with such short notice and no clue where to go. Of course his response was that we didnt have to know WHERE just WHEN....well I mean, you kinda need to know both right? You wouldnt want to spend a beach vaca in Feb, or personally I wouldnt want the mountians in July. So yes, we needed an idea of where! Still unsure, he took Spring Break and a week in Sept. My mom lives close to Orange Beach, but we missed being able to stay on the beach and walk down whenever you wanted. So we chose to spend our Spring Break in Panama City. Sounds kinda funny though! 2 years ago before we were engaged we stayed in the same place so it was fun to bring back old memories. This SB as everyone knows was a alot colder than usual, and I was nervous about being bundled up inside for the week. But on the 2nd day we were able to relax on the beach and it warmed up more everyday. Of course the best weather being the day we left! Doesnt that always happen?

Poor thing kept his shirt on for a while on the beach!

Burying your parents feet is always fun!

He usually doesnt like the sand and asks to go to the pool after a few hours. Thankfully, since the pools werent in swimming temps, he was just as happy playing at the beach!

On this day, he was just as happy relaxing!

This pic made me think he needed a sibling to play with, but maybe later :)

We actually invited my mom to meet us there for a day/night as well. Shane was excited to spend 2 days golfing at the Hombre.

I still get Mama love!

My mom and Caden

Us, enjoying our much needed girl time!

It was so sweet to see this couple out sharing Gods love. They have been doing it on Spring Break beaches for more than 20 years!

We enjoyed our time away and it was of course hard to come back to a routine!

Next post, Ill share about our nights!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bloglovin swap over

BC of Google Reader leaving us soon, I made the swap over to Bloglovin..... Follow">">Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Friday, February 1, 2013

2012 T-Giving & Bama Game

Going way back to Nov here!


I had Thanksgiving lunch with Caden at his school.
I actually didnt even know it was that day and I just so happened to be there for something else, so that worked out well!

The treats he made his class..
idea and printable from The Larson Lingo

We spent our Thanksgiving rushing from one family members house to another. I, of course, enjoyed seeing everyone, but it kind of defeats the purpose of visiting everyone when youre rushing the entire time. With us living away and all fam in different towns, its a real strain. I hope to come up with a better plan for the future years. I get jealous when I see people being able to spend the day relaxing at one house and playing football and other games with their family members. I would rather split up the holidays and have better quality time rather than quantity of people and very little time. We both come from split families. Luckily, we celebrate T-giving and Cmas with both of our moms and sisters together, so that helps a little. Other than spending the week rushing around and house hopping, we really enjoyed seeing our familes. ----I know this may have seemed like I was complaining when others dont even have one family to visit with, and I do remember them during these times. We are very blessed to have so many families to choose from for the holidays.

Alabama Game

So if you didnt know, Shane is a pretty big Bama fan and I, along with Caden, have been Auburn fans. I say it that way because, Shane has converted Caden, but I may have to explain me! haha...I didnt grow up in a football loving home and when in high school and college, I had friends that went to both. But I spent more time in Auburn and began pulling for them....different things over the years have kept me an Auburn fan. But truly, I just love the south and allllll things traditional. I think its cool that some people have the passion that I dont because I wasnt raised to love football or the teams. Sometimes I wish I did, but there are things I love about both schools...not just the football team!! I know I have a total mindset from everyone else in the state!! I am still pulling for Auburn first, but Bama too. I will get so many eye rolls, but thats is NOT the biggest thing in my life!! It sure is fun if you let it stay that way!

Even though I love orange and blue,
 I have to say this is a great pic in Bama gear!

love this close up of Big Al!

this new fan had a great time!

such a fun video!
So I was finally able to see what some of the hype was about at a Bama game!
 BUT, I never once said Roll T**e!
War Eagle!

Our Birthday Surprises

So who exactly blogs about their son's and their own birthday 4 months after? This busy mom does! I cant let our birthday surprises slip out of our memory, so I have to fit it on here even if its late! (fyi, its gonna be the same way with our wedding and Cmas) Go ahead and stamp me worst blogger ever!
Oh and if you dont know this about us yet, Caden and I have the same birthday. It is something cool that we share and he loves telling people that he stole my birthday :) I actually found out that another local blogger (Ashley, at Heath Bars and Reese's Cups) and her daughter share the same as us as well. Ha! October 1st is a fun day :)
For the second year in a row, Caden woke up to his bed covered in fun balloons!

Can I still do this when he is 17?
(you know  I will!)
Our sweet Shaney boo had a perfect birthday breakfast cooked and decorated for us!

And this is what my guys got me for my birthday...

Rose gold Michael Kors watch
It has gotten a lot of use over the last 4 months too!!

I have made such wonderful friends in the short time that we have been here, and they were so sweet to remember my birthday!
We were able to have him another cake when Tata came to celebrate!

Caden couldnt decide which pokemon set to spend his bday money on!
I remember thinking boys were so weird for liking pokemon, and here is my kid!

And we were able to finish up our celebrating with a Sunday lunch at Mexican where SHane surprised us with the singing. We really were shocked bc it was like a week after, ha!

I have the cutest boy!! I want to squeeze him!!

Shane video-ed us!
 I laugh at the end, I am like "Gracious!" in the most country voice! Ha!