Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lite Brite Love

Remember this?
Did you have so much fun with this when you were little?!

Santa brought this one to Caden at
Ben and Connie's this year!

He spends so much of his time playing with it when he is over there. It is hard to pull him away from it!
Look at him! Cutie pie!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let's Get it Started

This Saturday, we had our opening day at the ballfield. First, we started off extremely early, about 7:30AM, taking pictures with one of our town's favorite photographers. They are going to turn out super cute, because she caught the bat on fire! After pictures, we had opening ceremonies. The day was honoring a gentleman that helped with the Sylacauga Little League for 38 years. Mr. Richard A. Wingard, as it was told, spent a lot of time with the boys of his days and instilled values in them as well. It was very obvious that he meant a lot to many in this town. He is actually having health issues now, and when that gave him the microphone and spoke a few words. “I thank all of you,” he said. “I love every one of you little leaguers... I just wanted the right direction for you. I thank you for everything.”  I do not think there was one arm without chills or one eye without tears. It was very touching. All of the league will be wearing RAW patches on their sleeves this year to honor him. He also received a commendation from the governor stating that in Alabama, March 26 would now be Richard A. Wingard day. How awesome?! I grew up in Childersburg, not Sylacauga, and Im sure both towns have their own mentors that everyone loves and honors. Its times like these that make me not want to leave the small town life.
We had a small break before our 12:00 game. Then it was time to PLAY BALL! I have told you in a previous post that Caden is not crazy about baseball, at all. But, I was very proud of him for trying! Our team won 11-2. I was very proud of our boys, not only for playing a great game and giving their all, but the didn't join the other team with the trash talk. Way to keep your class at 6 &7 years old boys! I am also very thankful for the coaches we have. Everytime I turn around at practice and the game, they are helping one of the boys. I know that's what they are there for, however, we have never had that on our other teams! Its about time! Looking forward to many more great games!
Bat on fire!

Team Picture!

Getting ready for opening ceremonies

Mr. Richard A Wingard

Batter up!

Its killing him to pretend hes paying attention


ended up being a foul ball :(

Strike out, that's ok man!

Egg-cited for Easter

TaTa sent Palyn over with an Easter egg tree. When Caden was getting ready for bed, I pulled it out and let her start putting her eggs on the branches. She loved it! She carefully put each egg on and then reached for the next. Her concentration was just precious! With only two eggs left, Caden comes running in and grabs one up for a turn. She went off on him! She was yelling and stomping and pitching a little fit and when he tried to give it back, she turned around and caused the whole tree to fall over. Half of her little eggs landed in the floor, and she was not happy. She calmed down as soon as we began to put them back on again. Now this pretty little piece sits on my dining room table awaiting this Easter and reminding me of our "sweet" girl!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Not such a "Best Day"

If you knew Caden as a "younger" boy, then you know that he was willing to do anything to make anyone laugh. And if someone laughed at him, he didn't care if he was going to get in trouble, he continued. He wanted the attention anywhere, anytime, or any place.  Well that's not the case anymore. If someone laughs at him for any reason, he assumes you are making fun of him. He gets very angry, and that's putting it nicely. It has been a huge adjustment. Now I am going to tell you a story, but do not think I am or ever have been a careless mom that didn't watch out for her child.  I have always had my finger on him, however he still sneaks his little butt away just as many other mischievous boys do.
I had a gentleman come in my office the other day to deliver office supplies. He asked if I used to live at a certain apartment complex a few years ago, I told him yes. Then he asked if I had that cute little curly headed boy. I confirmed and he continued to tell me that he has always wanted to tell me this in town, but I might think he is crazy. He said that one day when Caden was about four, he was driving through the apartment complex about 8AM and he saw Caden butt naked riding his scooter. I said,"no underwear or anything?" he said, "nothing!" He said he stopped and said to Caden, "Hey little man, don't you think you might need to go put some clothes on?" According to him, Caden stopped, looked at him, dropped his scooter, and ran back in the house. Now especially if you know Caden, with his big brown eyes, you are probably rolling right now! The worst part is, he probably crawled back in bed with his late night working mom and I never knew he was outside, naked!
So after this man told me this story, I had to tell my mom that night. Caden was in the car with me and got super angry when he heard this. He was yelling in tears. I tried to calm him down, taking mental notes to never talk about him again in his presence. A few weeks later, I was cleaning his room and found a letter in Caden's handwriting that read,
"Dear Brittany, I was just kidding about your son being naked on that scooter" (signed) The man that told you"
I laughed and never brought it up.  A few weeks pass and this afternoon I picked him up from the boy's club and he has this awful attitude with me immediately. I asked what was wrong and he yelled, "You shouldn't have listened to that man when he told you about me being naked on that scooter" I thought, "Myyyy heavens, seriously? He was upset over this AGAIN?" He ends up in a lot of trouble for his attitude and tone with me that he had for about an hour. After his spanking, he still laid in the floor crying and whining.

Look familiar to anyone?!

(At this point were over at my office) After ignoring him awhile he gets up and goes into my office to draw. Then he gives me this letter.

It reads,

From: Caden
To: Mother (he never calls me that!)
Sorry. Just........never make fun of me again or I want a new mom!

Love you!!!!!!!!!

Then he gives me a hug. I guess this was his apology. I told him that I would never want a new son, so I know he would really never want a new mom either. Then told him we were "stuck like glue" and he laughed. Things have been better after that, (the past 3 hours) Whew, that was rough, and slightly uncalled for! Please let me know that I am not the only one with these "Not so Best Days"!

Ready to Run?

About a year and a half ago, I told one of my friends, "I want to start doing those runs for causes". I had no idea what they were called, what you had to do to prepare for one, sign up for one, any requirements, how much they cost..and so on. All I knew was that I wanted to do one. Well I kept the interest in the back of my mind, but still never persued it. Well fast forward one year and Childersburg had it's very own 8K, Race to Save the Grist Mill. Many of my friends signed up for it, and began to prepare for it while I stayed busy with Cub Scouts and soccer and everything else that fills the weekends in the fall. Still had the desire, but never the time. Most of girls that participated in this run, kept it up to do a few others. All which I of course, never had time for. I have heard from everyone that they are very addicting and you are in a competition with yourself to beat your last time. They took a break for winter months and I finally joined them in signing up for one in March. I did everything I could to prepare, and as the date approached I got a little nervous, but more excited as well. The day before, we learned of bad weather that is sure to be here the morning of the run. I was so bummed out and went ahead to cancel my sitter for Caden. When I woke up the morning of, it was NOT RAINING. I called Amy and told her how upset I was that I was going to miss for no reason. She said "Come on!" And so at 6:30 on a Saturday morning, I was searching for a sitter! Found one and took off, banana and OJ in hand. Sped all the way to Talladega and thankfully my girls had already regisered me. Leaving the regtration table I ran up to the starting line and fell into the back of the line. I kept my pace and ended up catching up with one of our girls. Everything was going great until someone handed me a cup of water in the middle of the race. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. I took a sip and apparently, it didn't sit well with that banana and OJ I had on the way up. The water felt extrememly thick going down my throught and I immediately felt sick. So sick that I was actually looking for a tree to hide behind!! All that was going through my mind was "where can  I do this, because it's coming!" I slowed it down a little, and eventually felt a little better. Thank you Jesus! I can definately tell you that besides the getting sick, which I hope never happens again, the only other bad part was not knowing how much longer you had. All of my friends have their little watches, I need to get one! I was not too proud of my time, but it wasn't too bad for my first time. I understood after coming through the finish line what the rush is that you hear about so often! There was someone standing there handing out medals to everyone, but I was scared to reach for one thinking they might snatch it back and say, "this isn't for you!" After crackers, orange slices, gatorade, and a few quick pics, (not proud of!)  I headed back to get Caden, feeling bad for springing him on Misha like that. When I am there Amy called and said I should've stayed. Apparently, I got another medal for coming in third in my division (20-24), and won a door prize, which also never happens! I was so upset that I missed out on that because it was two Six Flags tickets! I have been so ready to sign up for the next one, but I have already realized that these spring Saturdays will be spent at the baseball field!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Tasty Tasty

As mentioned in the "Derby Racing" post, the RAs at our church are trying to raise money to send the boys to RA camp this summer. Aside from the race, we also planned to have a "Tasty Auction" and a "Spring Banquet". The Tasty Auction included tons of dessert goodies baked by our church members that were auctioned off after an evening service. Yummy finger foods were out for everyone to enjoy. We had a real auctioneer, which created an awesome atmosphere and made it so very fun! You should have seen the boys faces when they first heard him talking so fast, they thought it was hilarious! I was in charge of writing down the bids, and it got very confusing due to the fast pace! This auction was very successful! Actually, it was successful enough that we have cancelled the Spring Banquet. Every boy that wants to go to RA camp can only paying $20!! Once again, I am so grateful to have a great church family that have truly shown their support to their little ones. I was so busy writing everything down that I only had time to snap one picture!
#1 check out thouse silly faces!
#2 please look over the uneven table cloth!
No way to keep anything straight with this bunch of boys!

Wigging Out

This past Friday night was Bunko night for the month of March. The theme was "Wigging Out" and we all most wore wigs! They did get very itchy and uncomfortable before the end of the night, therefore we didn't get very many pics. It was at Ashly's house and we had rotel, homemade pizza bagels, oreo/cake balls, and prezel sticks. It was as always a fun night! Once again, I didn't win anything, but that is the last reason I love Bunkos anyways! At the end of the night we had to have a "Bunk off", which is where we have more than one person with the highest number of bunkos. Keisha took home the big money, but then we also had a "float off", where there is more than one person with the highest number of floaters. It was getting very intense and Brooke, who always rolls in some sort of unique fashion, put the dice in her mouth. (She knows it always gags me when she does this!) She spit out the dice, and they all three landed on four, which was a bunko, and she automatically won the round!! So crazy! What were the chances of that?!!! We missed Julie and Jala this time! Can't wait until next month!
Emmie and I, she had a beehive,
and I was just kinda nappy!

Keisha AKA, Foxy Brown!

Jenn G walked in the door and hers looked so real that I freaked out for a minute thinking she colored and cut her hair! (NOT MY BEER BTW!)

Jenn V. she definately looked the most real and the best looking, but she for sure needs to keep her cute  original hair!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pajama Party

Once I went to blog about our latest Bunko night, I realized I never got around to posting our last one! We had a pajama themed Bunko night at Jennifer's house. We obviously all dressed in our sleep attire and best of all had breakfast food! It was delicious! It made for a comfortable night of fun with our best bunko babes! Emmie took home the big money and she was so very excited because she hasn't won at all since we started this group a year ago! (Neither have I!) Like I said, we have now been playing for one year with this great group of girls! I feel so blessed to have so many great friends that I know I can get out with and have a good time once a month! Love you girls!

Ashly made this cake and she was so proud! It was so cute and good as well!
She was hilarious because anytime someone mentioned a party or shower, she would immediately ask, "who is doing the cake?"

Julie, Me, and Jala

Ashly, Jenn V., Emmie, and Keisha

Crystal, Cody, Jenn G, Lindsey

Crazy Brooke and Jala

All of our girls, missing Brittannie

At the end of the night, Sweet Braylen Kate came in to join the fun!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

His Plan for Me

Let's just start by saying, I have always had a heart for children. I became a mom at seventeen, and I have put all of me into doing just that every day since. But my love goes further than for just my sweet boy. I adore all of the kids I come in contact with. The kids at the school, kids at church, kids at the apartments we live in, friends of Caden, even kids I just pass in the grocery store! Sure everyone likes them and cares for them, but this is something strong, as in, I would adopt any of them if need be! I didn't realize that this was a gift until Caden was in a daycare and I would spend a lot of time volunteering. During that time, my love for those kids grew strongly. It broke my heart to think that the love I gave those children might be the only love and attention they received. I have kept the same outlook every since. Realizing this, made me want to pursue a career in teaching, preferably kindergarten. And while I still really hope that is in the cards for me, I have 3 years of school to be able to do that. I do understand that single parents go to school and work full time and do well with it. But there is no way I could manage to continue the hands on realtionship I have with Caden at the same time, and that's not something I am not willing to sacrifice. Please don't tell my DeeDee that, for everytime we get off the phone, she always reminds me that I can't do or have anything in this world without an education. I do have plans to go back, just not right now.
With all of that being said, I have looked for other ways to share my love for these children. I spend a lot of extra time at the school and I have monthly tenant parties at the apartment complex. Most importantly, I have looked for and prayed about my leadership in children ministries. What's more important than teaching them how to read and write? Of course, the love that Jesus has for them! I have been building my relationship with God more than I ever have in the past 6 months; and I have felt Him slowly but surely leading me in the direction He wants. I have jumped on any opportunity to help with the children's ministry in our church and I have enjoyed it so much so far. I am feeling like there is something more I am called for one day than just the local  ministries, but I plan to start here and see where it leads me. I believe a child is a child no matter where they live, what color they are, and what background they come from. Therefore, children in Africa need to hear about Jesus equally as much as children in Childersburg and Sylacauga. I had my first children's church the week of Valentine's Day. We have six of us that will rotate. So I will only have it once every six weeks, but it was so much fun! I would definately do it every week if it didn't mean I would have to miss our service. Our church was looking for a new VBS leader this year, and I am not going to lie, it was so hard not to volunteer for the position! But I knew that I had enough on my plate already with the new job and all. I have told our preacher's wife, who thankfully took the position, that I would be more than happy to help in any and every way I can. I am very excited about it!
A lot of this calling has been coming from our services the past few weeks. They have all had to do with finding God's use for you. I have never in my life imagined myself as a missionary in another country. I have always felt like I didn't know enough, or wouldn't know what to say or do,or wouldn't have the funds. But I have had the desire recently to work my way up to that. I want to make that my ultimate goal.
I shared this desire with Bro. Max this week, and he informed me of the mission trip that our church would be taking to a Hispanic church in Mississippi this summer. We would spend a week there and provide their children with a VBS. I REALLY WANT TO GO! There are a lot of factors that could keep me from being able to go. First of all, Caden would have to stay with someone for a week. Secondly, I would have to miss a week of work, not cool when I just started in Jan. Lastly, would be money, the transportation and hotel would be provided so it would basically just be the meals that would need to be paid for. None of these things are bigger than God though, so if you would just please keep me in your prayers that there will be a way for these few things to work themselves out so that I will be able to experience this! Wow this was a long post, probably the longest ever! But, I'm sure you feel like you may know me and my heart a little better! Here are a few pictures from my first Children's church!

Cant wait until next time!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Brother

NO! Caden isn't having a baby brother, or sister for that matter so let me clear that up before the talking begins! I have to back my blog on up for a bit, since I have officially given myself the title of the "worst blogger ever"!
So the next few post will be from the highlights, or BEST DAYS, of the past few weeks!

My baby brother isn't such a baby anymore. We just celebrated his 19th birthday in Feburary. I always remember my brother being so sweet, very quite, crazy smart, but out of everything I most remember his adoration for me. I am not sure why, I was only at my Dads every other weekend. And as bad as I hate to admit it, I never spent much time with any of them. I can still never remember a time when he has ever been mad at me or aggrevated with me. I would not be surprised, however, if he was dissappointed in me a few times. If I could take it back, I would definately take the time to let my brother (and sister, Calan) know how much I have always loved and adored them too. I could say all of these same things about my sweet little sister Calan as well.
I gave my Dad a call to find out the plans for Thomas' birthday. Turns out he was going bowling with friends, but Dad and Connie were joining them after dinner. So Caden and I tagged along and had dinner with Dad and Connie at Wings before meeting Thomas and quite a few of his friends. I thought about getting Caden his own game, but on a Sat night it was very busy. Thomas and his friends not only let Caden bowl with them, but they had the bumpers put up to make it easier for him! I thought that was very nice of them!

This was actually Caden's first time bowling since he was about four. To say the least, he loooved it! He would focus very hard, and when he turned around, you would either see a face of dissappointment or huge eyes and a smile with excitement all over it! I love nothing more than to see him in that state! At one point, Caden was beating one of the friends and he thought it was the best! Thank you Thomas and friends for letting us tag along! We love you!
I forgot to mention that Thomas
wouldn't take a straight picture all night!

Calan and Caden

Silly face Thomas, Calan, and I

Someone did this to his car while we were inside!

How could I almost forget to enlighten you with this!?
We noticed when Caden was about three how much he resembled Thomas at that age! And although they're personalities are wayy different at this age, they also enjoy the same things. Legos, Knex, Toy Story, video games, Cub scouts, etc. kinda funny! Check out these photos of my
"Baby Brother"!

Can you see a little Caden in these?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Who does not love some good ol Dr. Seuss?! There are so many great books out there of his and I love hearing Caden read them. He will try to read them fast and rhyme with expressions. Its just too cute! At his school, they celebrate Dr. Seuss birthday week by dressing up everyday with a different theme. As silly as it may sound, I think this is my favorite week out of the school year! I go in every morning, (sorry, but I am THAT mom!) and take pictures of him and his classmates that participated. They are all so cute! On Wednesday, his actual birthday, they had a birthday party for him with Dr. Seuss themed birthday cakes. I am so mad at myself for forgetting to snap a few pictures of the cakes! The pictures I did take were actually with my phone (as are many of the others on this blog), therefore please forgive the quality. The students also enjoyed green eggs and ham, a scavenger hunt, and special guest readers.
Cat in the Hat Day

"Hunt for a Good Book"

"It's Groovy to Read"

"Kick up your Heels and Read"

How cute were they? Friday was "One foot, Two feet, Sock feet" and the kids wore silly socks. I was planning to go back at lunch to take pictures, but didn't have enough time.My only complaint with Dr. Seuss is the spelling of his name! I always want to write "Suess"! It only seems right!