Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Morning

How do you spend your fall Saturday mornings when you little boy gets too big for pumpkin patches and Boo at the Zoo?


I wont argue with that! :)
 Happy Fall Yall!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our Favorite Girls & Halloween Decorating

When we got home and our favorite girls were waiting on us, we were so excited! Shane picked up a cake for Caden, so that they could celebrate his birthday even if it was a little later. Mom kept him in his bedroom looking at things and when he came out we had his cake out and candles lit for him! He was surprised and excited! I got it on video too!! 

They are all three so beautiful!!

My Miss Priss!

I always buy Palyn clothes  and cant wait to dress her up when shes here. How grown is she in her Ralph Lauren skinny jeans and paisley top!

We went to the fair that night. Tuesday, they went to Sylacauga while I went on Caden's field trip with him. We all hung out that night while looking through old pictures. They found an old dance recital costume of mine as well as a picture of me in it! This is Palyn in my outfit with the picture of me in it! She truly shouldve been my child!!

Wednesday, we spent the day doing a little shopping. Vegetable soup had been in the crock pot all day and I made fabulous corn bread to go with it! Caden and Palyn went to Awana (church) that evening, and Palyn had the best time! I was so proud that she did so well! She never liked the nursery at our other church, but I think she likes being a big girl and doing "work"! Of course they loved her sweet self! Ryan treated me to a pedicure during that time! Thank so much, sister! It had been since late July, and was overdue! Mom spent the evening enjoying the peace and preparing a fire. We all quickly roasted marshmallows and made smores before bed! We always end up squeezing a lot in when they visit, but thankfully this time, we were able to have some chill time too! We cant wait until next time! Thanksgiving and shopping will be on the agenda! Miss them always!

I decorated our house for Halloween while they were here, too! Here are just a few pics...

While unpacking the Halloween decor, I saw that this pumpkin candle melted onto the face of this photo holder! It looks like he is taking a big chunk out of the pumpkin! Ha!

We have more inside, but this is all I have pics of for now!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fair Field Trip

 Caden had his first field trip with his new school last week. It was to the fair, but no rides. Only to see the animals. I am guessing that a couple hundred kids getting sick on rides would not have been a good thing. The up side was that this only cost $3. Cheapest field trip I have ever been on! 

I met his class there and was in charge of sweet David, as well as Caden.  

We sat with Liam and began our day with a magic show.

Then we went in and saw a few farm animals.

Caden is amazed at how utters work and he always has a ton of questions!

We visited a petting zoo and the kids were able to buy food and hand feed the animals. While in this area, I witnessed something scary...a little girl in Caden's class had her back turned away from a llama, she had food in her hand and was chatting with her friends. As the llama reached it's neck around to the food in hand, it pinned its neck around the little girl's neck. I saw her face smiling and laughing the whole time, so it took a second for it to register to me that she could be in danger. I ran to push the llama off of her neck and she began bawling!! It was so sad and scary, but thankfully she was not hurt, just scared. I know that the llama did nothing wrong and it was an accident that really could not have been prevented, but I felt the need to tell one of the workers anyway. They agreed to have someone stand down in that area just to make sure that no one else got too close to the llama. "Bad llama" ---remember "The Emporer's New Groove"? I used to think that was the funniest cartoon movie until Madagascar came out! ha!
We brought our own lunches and were surprised by these fun notes that my mom had for us both! When I was little, I loved getting her notes in my lunch. It is fun to see Caden look forward to mine his lunch now!

Caden and I

We watched a wolf show where they preformed tricks like in a circus.

The boys enjoyed sno cones, it was so hot outside!

Then, the last event that couldnt be more redneck if it tried, like straight out of Honey Boo Boo backwoods..

The pig race...

Look at all of the excited little ones cheering on "their" pig!!

And the winner was....pig #2!! ha!

On our way out, I came across a Tucker's Pecan booth, which reminded me that I won a radio birthday drawing that Shane signed me up for. The prize was to be picked up from Tucker's Pecans, so Caden and I stopped in there after the field trip. We got a little ice cream while picking up our prize! Oh, and I finally got a koozie! Great first field tri, looking forward to many more!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fair with the Fam

When Mom, Ryan and Palyn arrived in town, I was subbing and Caden was still in school. Shane was able to spend time with Palyn as he taunted me with pictures and videos of them playing before I got home. She loves him so much and even tells me that he is her husband! She may be the only girl I ll share him with!!

The fair was in town that Shane and I (and Caden) had our engagement session at last year. We all went that night. This was Palyn's first time at a fair, and after measuring her height we went with the arm band for her as well. It was one of the first cold nights weve had, so we were all in our jackets and gloves for the first time of the year!!

Caden was braver than he usually is. I usually dont make him get on anything that goes upside down because I understand where that fear comes from, but other than that, I know that if I dont make him try it then he will pass up on everything for one reason or another. He usually loves the rides after trying them!

Palyn loves her "husband"

And of course, she is our girl so she is always in our family pics!

Caden is so sweet to her!
I know he is going to be a great big brother one day! He asked me this morning where a baby will sleep one day when we have one. I told him that the computer room will be made into a nursery when the time comes. He said he wants to put a snake in the room to scare the baby (this freaked me out at first) but he said he wanted to scare it so it would come into his room and get in bed with him to wake him up for school!! Ha!

This was Palyn's first ride, her face was so funny with those big, blue eyes popping out of her head as we spinned around and around!

This was a ride that only she and Shane rode, I was shocked that they made her get behind him. I think she was freaked out without arms around her too, because she didnt like this one!

This one was just for them! I dont do "free falling" rides! We took the kids through a "fun house" while they were waiting on this ride!

The scrambler! She was such a big brave girl, holding on tight!!!

The farris wheel!
This ride brought back the most memories from our sweet poses last year!

Palyn rode a mini free falling ride that Caden was too big for.

They also ride together in a kid roller coaster and she did not like it. It actually had hills that maybe frightened her a little much! She was much braver than Caden used to be! She was always looking for the next ride! Little dare devil! We better keep a close eye on her!

I am very well aware of my weight gain that shows greatly in these photos!! I have printed off a half marathon plan and started back in a body sculpting class, as well as cutting calories. So hopefully, I will soon lose this awfulness that likes to mostly show up in my face and stomach! Ugh!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kimbrough Wedding

We arrived at the venue to see that Shane had already been working hard at putting out the signs that Crystal and Drew made for the wedding! Didnt she do a great job? She made them for our wedding as well as Lacey's so she is a pro by now!

The venue was so gorgeous, we just took in its beauty all day long as we got ready! The past year, as I mention all of the time, has been full of weddings. I am really gonna miss all of these events with my girls. We will really have to make time for each other now!

I loved her dress so much! It was so "her"!

And here we are all ready!!

Loved our BM dresses! Thanks Julie for picking out such great dresses, I will now be in search of somewhere else I can wear mine to!!

Gorgeous best friend/bride!

We snuck a peek out of the balcony window at the first look! I was videoing and I know you are going to be able to hear my sniffles!! So sweet!!

I LOVE this picture of my handsome husband and me!
Baby--please invest in a couple of suits!! I loooove you in this tux!! ;)

Bestie Emmie and I had the same dress style!

Shane and I walked out together!
It was right about sunset and no one expected how freezing it was going to be on this night! I was shivering, but a sweet lady told me later that I looked very poised standing up there! Whew!

The cake cutting was immediatley following the ceremony!

Caden stayed with my aunt the night before, and she spent the day spoiling him as usual. He came to the wedding with my Dad and Connie. He had just gotten new knight costume parts and begged to wear them after the wedding, so he wore his armour/shield around all knight.

 I took Shane's jacket away from him, I was freezing!

David's cousins made them a silly song and sang it to them at the reception!

So, we all know that Caden has been working up his break dancing moves since he has had plenty of opportunities to show them off this year. He is normally nervous to get out and do them full on, but not this time! There were three little girls there that were eyeing him and his moves all night and he ate it up more! I couldnt believe him!

Watch out!

He ended his performance with his lips poked out (kissy face), a peace sign and a little head nod, we all died at this little man!

They all had so much fun and had even more fun in the photo booth!
I seriously felt like I had a new child this night, he was loving all of his attention. It's actually kind of scary!

Ok, this one of him by himself on the top right kills me everytime I see it!
He posed in those all by himself!


Bouquet toss!

Garter toss!
They exited under sparklers and in a limo! They were off the next day for 9 days in Antigua!
Best wishes Loves, and thanks for letting us all be a part of your special day!!