Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wedding Wednesday- Lingerie Shower

Dont worry, I didn't post any pictures that you shouldn't see ! :) Saturday night, more fabulous friends hosted a lingerie shower for me. It was so fun and laid back, with great food and good wine! The most that I wanted from this was another night to spend with some of my favorite girls. I got that and some nice little goodies as well! I was so happy with everything that they brought me! It was all fun and realistic!!
Emmie and I as gift time was beginning
Brooke and Emmie

Here's one you can see!!
How cute are these little see through lace shorts?
You know, for over a bathing suit or something?!
Brandi made my garters for me!

Emmie having a little fun with my garter!
A cute bathing suit cover up from VS

And now for my individually shots with my girls!....
Little group shot
Brooke is the crazy one!:)
Julie's sweet mom, Janan
She put this together for me!

Cant not believe that it is this weekend!! It still feels month away! We are so excited!

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