Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our Santa Day

Christmas was a little different this year. We celebrated Christmas eve on Friday night, and Santa came Saturday morning. The reason for this change was because Santa came to Prattville and we didn't want to have to rush around on Christmas Day, trying to fit everything in. I am so glad that we did this. It made for a wonderful, stress free weekend. After we came home from the zoo lights, we were letting the kids open a gift. I remember always being able to do that as a child and it was so exciting! Shane says they did that too! 

Palyn opened her Cinderella toothbrush and holder,
and Hello Kitty bath sponges.
Caden opened a Cars toothbrush holder, and he already got Cars bath sponges from Jingle.

Since I got my jacket that night, I gave Shane this cooler that he has been needing.
 He wanted to use it the next day for our family Christmas.
I asked Julie, if it would be ok to put our monogram in place of that sticker! Wouldn't that be so much prettier? I havent asked Shane yet though!! May be too girly for a man's cooler!

So as we were getting ready for bed, I had another present waiting on me! (get your minds out of the gutter!!) I unwrapped my second gift of the day to find something that I have been wanting for so long!! A new video camera! What a perfect time to get it, the night before our first Cmas together! I was so excited! After we put Santa out. I slept with it on my hand, could not chance missing that Santa moment! Shane kept laughing so hard at me, saying I was going to break something by jumping out of the bed making sure I saw Caden's face!
Yay! It is this pretty blue color too!
I am so excited to have this to capture our family's memories, they are many to be made!

We left Santa Oreo balls and milk!
They were a huge hit with him ;)

Caden was so spoiled this year!
(Look who's talking, right?!)

He got a trampoline, a 3ds with about 3 games, a lot of Star wars toys, new tennis shoes, a few under armour and polo shirts,  a blanket and storage ottoman for his room, and many movies.

Palyn already had one Cmas at mom's before they came here.
Here she got a dollhouse with a lot of furniture, a set of princesses from Disney World, and many more smaller gifts.

Our stockings!

Look at the lonely 4th stocking holder waiting for what someday may hold another, Lord willing! I also bought silver initial ornaments the day after Christmas at Target to hang from the stockings. They looked great after I added them. I planned to get them all monogrammed, but was scared that the stockings were already too "busy" to add a name. I think the initials will be great!

Like our handprint Christmas tree painting? I asked Shane if it looked like a tree, and he didnt respond. I asked if he didn't like them and he replied that I asked if they looked like a tree!!

I am in love with all of these sleepy face pictures! Dont you love the puffy eye look on your babies?! Something about it is so innocent!
See Jingle in the tree behind Caden?
He always comes and goes in the tree.
We find him in the tree the day after the tree goes up, and on Cmas morning he watches the excitement before taking off until next year. (Jingle is our elf, I was just thinking that someone would be very lost if they didn't know that!)

I died when I saw this picture of Palyn. She is nothing but gorgeous!!

Rocking out with their new guitars from their Tata.

Sing it girl!

Of course, Santa wasn't able to be as good to Shane as he was to me. But He didn't do so bad! He brought Shane This Alabama polo shirt, (I am loving the new Alabama elephant logo), an Alabama hat, an electric razor, the cooler, and the Roll Tide/ War Eagle ESPN documentary.

Christmas morning love.

Palyn loves hats, and we got her this grey one that any clips or flowers and be pinned on. She didn't want to take it off!

Caden loves Shane, and he stayed right up under him the entire morning! (or on top of him)

Looky what I got!!! Its true, Santa had more for me than I couldve imagined!!

So excited!

I love this picture, tied with Palyn's gorgeous picture for my fave of the morning!!

He also got me these new shoes. He knew that I liked the bright shoes that weve seen lately. I thought he did great picking them out!

On our first date and many months laster, we listened to this cd. I still love it and always threaten to take his in my car. Soooo, it was no surprise when he got me my own!!

Tata got a small camera that she wanted for her purse!

Palyn and Britbritt had fun playing make up!!

What an awesome Christmas we had this year! I was feeling very very blessed!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

We were so lucky to be able to spend so much time at Shane's the weekend of Christmas. We were very busy, but enjoyed every minute of our first Christmas all together.

Caden helped me make oreo balls one night while Shane was working.

I do know that I needed wax paper here, but its ok because they just had to cool in the freezer for a bit on here.

They turned out very good, I thought they were pretty too!
We ended up leaving these, (well about 6) for Santa on Cmas night.
Because, you know Santa HAS to get tired of always eating cookies!:)
Caden was able to get a gift a little early. Especially since it was a Christmas movie, he probably needed to watch it before Cmas!

On Friday, Ryan and Palyn came up from Foley. We planned to all get dinner and go to the zoo for a Christmas lights train ride around the zoo. Shane made a little stop at Kinnucan's and told me that I could pick out a white North Face!! Yayy! I wore a friends a few months ago and looooved the way it looked on!! So how lucky did I feel?!! I love him! And I was positive that it was my main Christmas present. Wrong. Ill share more about those later, for my memories sake. (not to brag)
This below was Christmas day when I got my Erin Condren planner. It was a late bday present from my mom, and I was so excited!! Here is my new jacket and my new planner!!

Caden and Palyn at dinner before the zoo.

I forgot my camera, so all pics had to be taken from my phone.
It sadly didn't work out too well either!
Palyn trying to sneak a peak of Santa.

All of us on the train ride
Caden lost this little Santa hat on the train ride,
so glad they're cheap!

I am in love with this sweet picture of my little man outside of the zoo.

Palyn always gets in our photos!
Its too sweet though!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Coleman's Arrival

Last Monday afternoon, I got the text that weve been hoping for the past week! Coleman was coming that very evening! I immediately texted Julie for travel plans to the hospital and made arrangement for Caden. After my sweet friend Sandie agreed to watch him, I was super excited to go and meet that little man! To add to the excitement, Julie suggested Outback on our way! Yay! We made it to the hospital a little after he had arrived. The parents, grandparents, and aunt were able to see him that night, but we had to wait until the next day. We were excited to see that Crystal was doing great though!!

Julie, Crystal, and Me


Crystal and Ms. Debbie

Crystal and Carlee


The next day, I went back to the hospital for a second attempt to meet Coleman. This time I was full of emotion as I opened the door to see Ms. Debbie holding her precious grandbaby. I could not stop crying! He is so perfect and tiny! 

Proud Daddy Drew


Jessica and Coleman!

I can't wait to see you again, Coleman!
Do you have plans tonight??!