Thursday, January 26, 2012

Those random best days

I have had a lot of days full of randomness here lately. Its so hard to get back in a routine after Christmas break. I am just going to share some highlights from the past weeks. 

I kept Mary Charles for Skye last Wednesday and I was in heaven! She is just the prettiest little girl! And I am not kidding, she is so good! I have never seen her upset, ever. Please let my next child be this good!!

That afternoon, Caden and his friends all played dress up while waiting to go to church. This was all from a costume bag that my mom has kept from different things shes had! They were so funny!

On Friday, Caden had a dentist appointment. He let his 3ds keep him distracted while waiting on the dentist.

Caden is notorious for eating stuff straight from the fridge. Like cheese, cool whip, whipped cream, bacon bits, etc. It really frustrates me to find these random messes. He gets in trouble, but Shane tried a different approach this weekend! I had no idea and this is what I seen when I opened the door!

On Sunday, Shane had to work, but Caden and I still went to the new church. Caden has been staying with us in service, but I wanted him to try the children's service this time. He was very shy the whole time. We live in a town where we are used to knowing someone everywhere we go. This was just a small taste of what is soon to come. I know he will enjoy it there. Everyone was so nice and they have a ton to offer the kids.

When Shane got home, he grilled out good good food! The past two Sundays, we have grilled and I think it should be an every week deal! Caden didn't have his fishing pole, but that didnt keep him and Shane going to the neighborhood pond. And I came running behind! They were just messing around and he showed Caden what to do. Caden has sadly probably only fishing about 3 times ever. Maybe he will enjoy it this year with Shane. We have his pole waiting by the door to send back with Shane this weekend!

Saw Mary Charles again this Tuesday, I asked her Mama if I could take her again! So yes! I got more time with her sweet cheeks!

This Wed. these two friends found a four leaf clover, and I was a little jealous! I have never found one! Good Luck boys!! Your Mamas are the ones that need it!!

These are from a couple of weeks ago, I just never posted them.
 I missed two of my favorite little girls and needed to go get girly with them!
Karlee got a little mani!
She was ready to show off her newly polished nails to her girls at school the next day!

Haigan and I played Minnie Mouse and Princess Dora!

Hope you enjoyed my rambling of our best random days!!
This weekend will be so busy, Shane and I are going to a marriage retreat on Saturday. I am hoping for a little Cheesecake Factory after! And Sunday we will be taking Caden to the circus! I am not sure Shane has ever been to the circus!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mary Kay Monday- Lip Love

Actually, it is early Tuesday morning. I was unable to write yesterday, hey as long as it gets done, right?
I am so excited about what I have going on with Mary Kay right now! I had a day full of facials on Thursday, and it really helped make me more comfortable. I had so much fun! I have always heard of the other consultants loving this and I never knew what they meant exactly, until Thursday. I loved it! I had so much fun watching the ladies get all made up and feel good about how they looked when the left! It is unbelievable that I could actually let this be my job!! I am so determined to succeed with this! I would love for you to join me!

Lipliner- $12

I have never worn lipliner, I ve just never been consistant with a lipstick that I could keep a matching liner with. However, MK just came out with a clear lipliner. The clear lipliner, does the job of lipliner, without adding color. I will be trying it asap!! We do have a lot of pretty colors to choose from!

Nourishine Lipgloss- $14

Oh myyyy! I love this lipgloss! It is not sticky and there are so many pretty colors! You can look as natural as you like, or as dramatic as you like! My favorite right now is a newer color called Red Passion. It looks different on everyone. I have heard of so many good reviews on this lipgloss. It is probably the one thing that I cant leave the house without.

Creme Lipstick- $13

I did not wear lipstick until last year when I began wearing MK. I have been very happy with mine, although I may try a new color soon!

 The long-wearing, stay-true color glides on with a lightweight, creamy texture for maximum color impact that lasts. Plus, it won’t feather or bleed. It’s even enhanced with vitamin E and a vitamin C derivative to help defend against wrinkle-causing free radicals. And it’s enriched with emollients and moisturizers, providing a veil of protection against moisture loss. Fragrance-free with a hint of vanilla flavor, the lipstick is perfect for combining with Mary Kay® Lip Liner and NouriShine Plus™ Lip Gloss.

Each Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick now features a color button to help make finding your favorite shade in your purse or bag quick and easy.
Liquid Lipcolor-$13

If you prefer a liquid over lipstick, and color over gloss, then this would be for you!

Tinted Lipbalm- $13

This has an SPF 15.

Age fighting Lip Primer- $22

TimeWise® Age-Fighting Lip Primer creates healthier-looking lips by fighting fine lines and wrinkles while light-diffusing microspheres decrease their appearance. Use it on lips, inside and outside your lip line, to extend lipstick wear and prevent lipstick and lip gloss from feathering and bleeding. Based on a 12-week clinical study, a dermatologist saw 100 percent of the panelists had an improvement of fine lines on lips.

Satin Lips Set
Mask and Balm- $18

Buff away dry skin with Satin Lips® Lip Mask (.3 oz. net wt.), then moisturize with Satin Lips® Lip Balm (.3 oz. net wt.) to keep lips soft.

So now you know what we have to offer to make your lips their loveliest!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hollywood Studios 2

Our second trip to HS for the week was nice and a little more relaxed, we had already completed half of the park. We were so lucky to have a limited crowd, and little wait times on the best rides!! We loved Toy Story Mania and Aerosmiths Rockin Roller Coaster, I did not brave Tower of Terror. Call me crazy, but I just don't like those kinds of rides! Caden and Mom left this park early evening and Shane and I decided to get a few more times in on the Rocking Roller coaster! Actually, that one takes the place of Everest, which I claimed in my last post to be the best ride for me at Disney.

Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich!

Disney Street Party

Learned a little about Mr. Walt Disney himself

Hung out with Monsters Inc guys

watched the Indiana Jones show


And another parade!

Mr. Incredible

A Bug's Life



Toy Story

We had lunch at Pizza Planet from Toy Story

Watched this Extreme Stunt Show

Starring Lightning Mcqueen

found Mary Poppins Umbrella

and Caden missed out on these guys, but we got their autograph for him!
(please diragard my mom shorts, they dont feel like that when im wearing them! wow!)

And ended the night together again!