Monday, October 31, 2011

Class Halloween Party

On Friday, I went to Caden's classroom to join in on the Halloween party fun. His teacher had them each bring one thng to make a "witch's brew". She then told them a silly story and gave each food a silly name, such as bugles being witches fingernails and marshmallows being skeleton's teeth, etc. They then worked together on a graph showing the class's favorites. A couple of other moms and I just sat back and helped pass out the goodies. Every moment this year has been bittersweet knowing that it is our last year in our small town.

Our morning began with a pancake breakfast at Jack's.

Caden was hilarious because there were high school girls dressed up in there and he would make sure that they weren't looking before he smiled at the camera!!

Mrs. Kimber making her "witch's brew"

A little graphing

passing out his goodie bags

Giving her the little happy he got her!
(two bath & body works lotions tied together)

I made green pudding and crushed oreos earlier in the week, then drew faces on clear cups. We passed these out for the class and they thought they were so cool!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

That time again..

Let me start by saying this is my first post from Blogger mobile...and I have no idea how to move the pictures around...this may not even work at all but we will see!

It's that time of year again, where we spend many of our weeks preparing fun things for our classmates. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It is so much fun! This week we made the usual goodies bags from leftover Halloween clearance from the previous year. We got this little happy for our teacher, two mini b&bw Halloween lotions tied together. Made green pudding, crushed up oreos and drew faces on clear cups for...can you guess what other pinterest find? Took tangerines to school for them to draw pumpkin faces on, and lastly, little ghost from stuffing mini marshmallows into clear baggies after drawing faces on them. Another pinterest find. They're all so cute! We can't wait to let all of Mrs. Kimbers children see their goodies!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pink Lemonade Stand

With it being Breast Cancer Awareness month, I thought that having a pink lemonade stand at the apartments would be a great way to raise money. I also wanted to show all of the kids that it is nice to work to give back, since they are always getting. You should all know how festive I am by now. My friends never fail to say, "You're such a mom!" I take absolutely no offense to that! Being as festive as I am, I hit up Pinterest and found amazing sites for printables. I printed them out, bought hobby lobby frames, a pink table cloth, pink pom balls, pink bubbles, and made pink lemonade and pink cupcakes. We passed out pink flyers and advertised on fb. We all dressed up in pink and set up our stand. Sunday from 12-2 was the original time. We waited and waited. a young couple came and went. A step dad and step daughter came and went. Grandmother and grandson came and they went. And aside from the few helpers, that was it. I am not going to lie, after as much work as I put into that stand, leaving Shane hours before I had to, icing cupcakes faster than any have been iced before, after telling all 20 kids to come participate and only 5 came, I was disappointed. The bigger part of me knew better than to be selfish and wonder why I had done it, but I couldnt help but feel that way. I had such high expectations. Of course, I began to be my positive self soon after. We raised $40 and that was $40 that they didn't have. I had another mom tell me that even though it was only 5 kids, that was 5 seeds that had been planted. After hearing that, I thought, "Brittany, what is wrong with you?? It is YOU that usually reminds people of planting the seeds. You did what you felt led to do, and so it didn't meet your expectations. Who cares!! It is way more than if it hadn't  been done at all. "So I let it go after 24 hours of sulking. I didnt like sulking. I never do it, and I dont think Ill start. Who wants to be around negativity??? Wow. So I am happy that I spent that money, time, and effort for a good cause. Not only will we send $40 to Susan G. Komen, and we planted seeds  in others to do good deeds, but I am keeping those things that I bought and decided to make it a tradition with Caden every year. We will set up our pink lemonade stand every October in our neighborhood, and my son and his friends will always know and see what it means to give back. Thank you to all that participated!!

My sweet boy also wore pink shirts to school last week to raise awareness.
This is his fake smile!

Showing off his Ben Ten watch!
(yard sale!)

Wedding Wednesday- Cake Inspiration

I didnt have time for a Wedding Wednesday post last week, but I sure missed it! I have not slowed down at pinning and printing my favorite inspirations. It is all still so exciting!! We are still waiting on our engagement proofs to come, I can hardly wait! I have a few of my cake inspirations below. Ours may look nothing like any of these, but I thought I would share them. I dont have time to link them to the sources so just  let me know if you would like to know them or go to my wedding pinboard. The lovely Pam Barnett will be doing our cake. My cake lady since Caden's 3rd birthday, and she has never disappointed!

This is very simple, but I always go back to it.
I love it.

Love the detail on this, do not love the top.

Really like this, may need a little color though.

It's my cake, and it can be girly if I want it to!
I love ruffles!

Not only am I obsessed with everything in this picture,
but I love the few different cakes there on the bottom right!!

Do you see that on the left?
I want that cake stand, but I will have that table skirt.
Who wants to make it for me?
Like I said, It's my cake table and it can be girly if I want!!
Shane will probably have something very manly on his!!!

This week I have been swapped on making guest list for various festivities. I can not believe how many people I am "close" to! I would love for everyone to come, however, We have decided to keep it family and close friends. I am terrified of leaving someone out or hurting someone's feelings. How did you all deal with this? Hope you are enjoying following along in our fun journey to becoming newlyweds!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

This was our first year to go to a different pumpkin patch. I have heard many great things about the one in Clanton. For the locals- The biggest difference is that the way you pay; at Baker's Farm, everyone pays to get in and most activities are free once you are in.  At the Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch, you don't pay to enter, you pay for each individual activity. Like, Shane and I didnt ride the Twactor Twain (ha!) and we didn't pay for that! So which ever you prefer. This one was more open, but they are both very nice and well kept.

Before we got there, we took an unexpected detour. A little wrong turn, if you will. It added about 10 min of this...

Could not help but sing my favorite country song right now...

"And it makes me wanna take a back road

Makes me wanna take the long way home

Put a little gravel in my travel

Unwind, unravel all night long

Makes me wanna grab my honey

Tear down some two lane country, who knows

Get lost and get right with my soul

Makes me wanna take, makes me wanna take a back road"

We finally arrived, and woke up a sleepy little boy. That is always fun! He didn't want to do anything at first. He passed up on the pony rides and the bouncy park. I was disappointed that he wasn't wanting to do any of the things he normally loves. Maybe he is getting older :(

The bouncy park

Lots of pumpkins!
White, warty, fairy tale, eating, cinderella, and pink
those were some of their names!

Twactor Twain ride

This was Shane's first pumpkin patch adventure and also his first hayride!!

Hayride to the pumpkin patch
(Were gonna pretend that back fat isnt so visible!)

Nachos & cheese and a Sunkist should make it all better!

There are a lot of pictures here, but I could help but laugh as I flipped through them all! 

"I think those look good"


"but not as good as those"

"here we go"

"Oh yeah, I like this one"

"See Mom"

"Let me help you"


"wait a minute, what about this one?"

"I think I can get it"

"which one?"

"Mom, I know youre taking pictures of me"

I love our family picture at
Pumpkin Patch 2011

We stopped downtown for a little homecooking!

I filled up on some yummy veggies, sweet tea, and peach cobbler!!

Awesome, awesome day!!