Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Only the Beginning

The paintings that Caden and I did this past Saturday, along with some friends, are only the beginning of what our lives will now be.....divided during football season! Instead of us rushing to sign up to paint our beloved mascot "Aubie", we had to reserve two spots and also paint "Big Al".

Auburn- Caden and I

Alabama- Shane

As I've told you before, neither of us are such die hard fans that we will fight over a game. But, neither one of us will swap teams either. I do know that I will have some angry fan friends with me during this season. Probably will say that I am a trader or not being true to my team, since I will be going to Alabama games with him. But I just cant hate something that he loves when I love him so much!! I will also drag him to an Auburn game though!!

Karlee and Caden

Roll Tide and War Eagle!

(I cant believe I just said that!)

Revealing Baby Gardner

My friends Crystal and Drew had a "Reveal Party" last week to tell everyone the sex of their new baby. All of their closest family and friends that could make it met at their house to hear the news! More than half of everyone they had asked guessed a boy. I didnt really know what I thought they were having, but I wanted them to have a boy. 2 reasons- Drew is an outdoorsy guy, so I thought he needed a little hunting/ fishing buddy! Another reason is that out of all of our friends from high school, I was still the only one that had the boy! Deborah, Erica, Lindsay, and Becca all had little girls! Wonder if they could send me some of what they drank next time! Just kidding! We are excited to finally have another little boy to squeeze on, since Caden's acting too big for that now!

They let Drew's little cousin Samantha open a wrapped box that had a balloon inside.

Everyone was anxious to know what it would be!

Yay! A boy that will be named, Thomas Coleman Gardner!

Norah Belle, Becca, and me

I could not keep that dress in the right place! too low or too high! ha! Here it was obviously too high, now I am thinking that you probably wouldnt have noticed if I didnt point it out! Oh well!

Caden and Samantha

Crystal and her Pops, Thomas Coleman

Drew also had the name Coleman in his family.

Julie checking out the sonogram, there was no denying that he was a boy!

I spent a lot of time at Crystals when we were little and her grandfather was always around and we just love him to pieces! I loved seeing Caden spend a little time with him.

The happy grandmothers!

Look who made it there! My sweet love!

Back when I was pregnant with Caden, no one really had reveal parties. However, my mom thought it would be fun to do this.....Before finding out, I picked out a boy gift and a girl gift. When we went to have the sonogram, I had to turn my head and the lady showed my mom that he was a boy. All of our family and friends then met us at a local pizza place, and in front of everyone I un-wrapped the gift to find the blue gift that I had picked out earlier. I had no idea what to do with a little boy. Fear came over me immediately, and a little still remains! I am positive that as long as I remain faithful, God will continue showing/ carrying me each step, one day at a time. That is all I know about raising a little boy!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Brian's Birthday

My oldest cousin, Brian, turned 30 last week. (Now that were grown, am I still supposed to say "oldest"? or is that rude now?!) On Friday night, his parents threw him a party with all of his family at their house. They had a pinata and pin the tail on the donkey set up like a child's birthday party. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans, chips, and some kind of awesome dip that my grandmother made! It was nice to catch up and chat with everyone that I havent seen in awhile, I just wished that Shane was able to come. He hasn't been able to meet a lot of my Dad's family, but he was away for a golf tournament all weekend.

Some of Brian's family

They kept raising the pinata up so that he couldn't swing at it!

Brian reading some of his cards, notice his money tree!

Me and my Dad

Caden was so tired!

Me with my Mawmaw Mary

I spent a lot of time with her in elementary school and she brought me this crown. It is from 2nd grade, I raised the most money and was the "queen". hahaha! Some would probably say not much has changed!

Happy Birthday Brian! Hope 30 treats you well!

The 1st of 2nd

I decided that since I waited so long to do the first day of school post, I might as well tell you about the entire first week. It didn't go as "routiney" as I had hoped, but we will get there. Betsy girl has been a huge distraction while we're eating breakfast, getting ready for school, as well as... homework time, dinner, and getting ready for bed. Basically, the whole time Caden is at home. I am going to leave her at Shane's house this weekend and hope that next week goes better.

The Thursday before school started, we went to the school to help Caden's teacher, Mrs. Kimber, get parent packets ready for our Meet the Teacher that night. Caden brought these goodies that he made for his new classmates. I am not that creative, these were one of my first Pinterest projects. (I have been trying a few recipes too!)
We're O-Fish-ally in 2nd Grade!

The first day of school, we ran a little behind. I didn't take any pictures with my camera, only my phone. That makes me sad. This is also the first year that Caden was not excited about starting school. My baby is growing up too fast. We took pictures with his previous teachers, as well as his new teacher. I am sure that it is so aggravating having a mom like me that takes pictures every day of the week of everything we do.

This is our traditional picture that we take every year.
He looks like he has already taken enough pictures,
 but I was just getting started!

His pre-k teacher, Mrs. Pittman

K teacher, Mrs. Buttram

1st grade, Mrs. Cleveland

So during my lunch visit with Caden, my phone kept telling me that it needed space. So I deleted some of his games. One being Angry Birds. Opps! I do not play it, because I do not need to become addicted to anything else! He was very, very upset, because he had made it to a certian level that he would have to re-do if we downloaded it again. That did not make for a happy Caden, or any other smiles for Mama.

These are his "First day of School" photos with his new teacher! Please check out that face. I was tempted to delete them and try again the next time, but I guess I have to remember our mad times as well as our good ones. Poor Mrs. Kimber! 

I was proud that he ate all of his lunch, which he never does.

When he gets home, he comes to my office for a snack and to do his homework. This day he didn't have anything except a sheet I wrote out for him to match his vocabulary words to the definitions. The other kids come in after school sometimes too. I give them a snack and let them watch cartoons, but only if their homework is finished!

One day, Caden slept from 4:30- 6:30. Betsy tried to wake him up! I was so scared that he would not go to bed that night, but he went to bed at 8:30! However, he was up at 5AM the next morning!

This is and example of Betsy being a distraction! Caden was picking on her, poor thing!

He even blindfolded her with toilet paper.

On Friday morning, we were so happy to have Shane with us before school! They both still look so sleepy! After dropping Caden off at school, we went to sign him up for flag football! It was an interesting first week, but we made it through! Today he has his first spelling and reading test, we have been studying a lot so he should do very well! Also, I do not stay at the school all day long everyday! I always help his K teacher the first week of school. I also have taken on the reponsibility of the Box Top coordinator in PTO. Save those Box Tops! Each one earns 10 cents for your school, our school gets at least $2000 a year from them!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Party, Party, Party

I am sure that is all you think Caden and I do on the weekends! We do attend a lot of birthday parties, I hold them high on a priority list. All of our little friends will be growing up just as fast as Caden is, therefore, I don't want to us miss the opportunities to celebrate with our favorite buddies. Not that if we don't make it, you aren't a favorite. We only miss if we had previous plans for something important. Its ok if you dont feel the way we do about these celebrations, it does keep us going non stop. But one day they will become few and far between, so we are taking part as often as we can!

This past Saturday, we drove back from Prattville to make it in time for two birthday parties and a back to school party. I wasn't able to make another friend's baby shower as I had hoped to fit in as well. First up was John Morgan's 2nd birthday party. It was at our church and Mickey Mouse themed, we all know I am a little Mickey crazy right now!

John Morgan and his Mommy

They had a water balloon toss

When they told the kids to put on their flip flops, little Emma said, "Well, I have leopard shoes!" Haha I love her! So here she is with her leopard shoes, trying to squash a balloon!

Caden and his buddy Zan all wet from the balloons

Little Mickey cupcakes!

Our next party was Katlyn's, a girl from Caden's first grade class. I love her, probably because she reminds me of myself in elementary school! Her party was at Scoops of Fun, a game room and ice cream parlor in our town. Really funny story about this party...last year Caden began to like this little girl, Amanda. She is so cute and sweet, but she doesn't talk very much. Like, at all! I couldn't believe that my wild boy was all about a shy little girl! Well I never push him to like anyone, but he talked about her non stop all summer and even got her that pink ring I told you about in this post. When we pulled up, he spotted Amanada getting out of her car. There my son was squatting in the seat, hoping she couldn't see him. I laughed a little and said, "Caden, you have to give her the ring!" He had been saying he was going to give it to her at school, but I knew that wouldn't happen or be allowed. He finally got out of the car, only to hide in the first room he saw. He got better after a while, but never got the courage to talk to her. It makes me wonder if he has ever talked to her at all! He made me give her the ring, which may have been better since I was able to explain to her aunt a little! I am just so shocked at his behavior with this! It is so unlike him, but hilarious at the same time!!

This is Caden, fake smiling with Katlyn. Isnt she the cutest ever?! They are sweet friends, I think he was just all torn up over Amanada being there!!

After singing Happy Birthday, her daddy got her with silly string!

That evening, we went to a Back to School swimming party with friends from church. The kids were as wild as ever and didnt let any rain slow them down! (It didnt thunder or lightning) We, moms just sat around and chatted while the dads cooked up our hot dogs and splashed around with the kids. I am glad we had the opportunity for the kids to all play together outside of church before school started. Thank you Trey and Kaylan for having us all over!

Being boys!

Jan and John Morgan

During the rain!

A few Mamas!

Rainbow right over the house!

Kids, some werent up for a group pic!
Being that Saturday was non stop, Sunday we went straight home after church and I did nothing but clean and organize. No way was I beginning a new school year in the mess I had! We got out school clothes and everything else ready for the morning to come and start another fun, and busy year!