Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First of 3rd Grade

Last year when I knew that we Caden would be attending a new school this year, it kind of made me want to throw up! We were so used to knowing everyone in town and the thought of being the new people made me nervous. But, so far it has been great! I have learned that in this town, there are always new kids so no one really knows that you are "the new kid". Its a lot bigger than where were from so all of these kids didnt already know each other anyway. Those things have helped a lot! Plus all of the wonderful things about the school makes it an easier transition. He was in best Caden form on Meet your Teacher day, silly silly! Of course, these pics were all made with my phone!
Mrs. Burke, his homeroom teacher.
Yes, he is old enough to change classes. Sigh.

He said, "I want to take a silly one", as I was telling him how busy she was, she said, "let's do it!"

This is is second block teacher, Mrs. Perkins!
She seemed fun as well!

He is an Eagle now!
We saw a little girl that we were chatting with and when she wasnt around I said, "Shes cute!" not expecting Caden to come back with. "I know!"
We always make favors for our class any chance we get and I was stumped on finding something that wasnt too childish but wasnt too expensive. I remembered having a 24 pack of #2 pencils in our closet and found these printables. He added "from Caden" on the back.

I can not believe that I have a 3rd grader. I remember what I wore my first day of 3rd grade! Crazy, I know! This little guy is so special to me and I am very sad to see our summer of hanging out end. We had so much fun!

I went to wash and vacuum out my car after dropping him off and realized that he left his lunchbox in the car. I had to take it back to him and Shane laughed saying that I hid it from him so that I could see him again! NOT TRUE! I dint even see him! I left it in the office! I finished all of my running around by 11 and was bored the rest of the day! I couldnt wait to pick him up and see how it went!

He loved his "First Day of School" cookie!
New tradition, yes!
I can not believe how much this second photo is like me!!
Don't goooo!!

He has been having a great time and been ready to go to school with no problem! So thankful for this easy transition!
Lets look back at our other first days....


First Grade-2010

Second Grade-2011

Friday, August 17, 2012

Show Us Your Life- Porches

Today, I am linking up again with Kelly's Korner to show you our porches. Now, we dont have too much of a front porch! I read in an article once that "back in the good ol days", everyone had a front porch. It was an inviting gesture for neighbors and friends to come over and have tea and coffee and solve the world's problems on those wonderful front porches. I dream of having a cozy one someday. There is something so southern and homey about a great front porch!

Here is our front door!

I had the plants by the door, but they werent getting any sunlight!

Our back patio-
patio set, grill, outdoor fireplace, and firewood....
all hidden under there!

I was so proud of my plants mid summer, but now the Geraniums have taken a  turn and I cant seem to get them back in shape :(

Let's all dream in Pinterest land for a bit!

Source: via Brittany on Pinterest

Thanks for stopping by, now you can go check out the other front porches on Kelly's Korner!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Date Weekend

I came home exhausted from my mom's on Friday afternoon. Shane and I have had Six Flags tickets all summer and haven't had a chance to go. I have refused to go on a Saturday. To me, it is not worth the trip when you spend hours in line and only get to ride 4 rides the entire day. He had taken off on Monday, but we found out that last week was the park's last week to be open other than weekends. BUMMER! We decided that we would go the next day (Sat.), but we would HAVE to get a Flash Pass. Those get pretty pricey so I have never gotten one before, I just knew our trip would be wasted if we didn't have one.

I made arrangements for Caden to stay with my Dad, then Shane pulled out a gift cert. that we have had since Cmas from his sister to Springhouse Restaurant. I was so excited about more alone time with him! So we got fixed up and headed to take C to my Dad.

The restaurant was nice and very good, but it came an awful storm while we were in there! Thank God it slowed down enough for us to get back on the road! One of my fave parts of the night was when I asked Shane what his favorite part of being married so far was...he thought a bit, then said coming home to us there waiting for him. So sweet! I love that part of our day too!

We drove an hour and 15 min to take Caden, another hour to the restaurant, another hour back home. Then on Sat, 3 hours to Six Flags, 2 hours back to get Caden, and another hour 15 back home!! Exhausted from driving alone!! But we got our alone time!:)

When picking out his clothes for the day, Shane chose his Bama shirt. So I said, alright, Ill wear my Auburn shirt just to make you look better!;) After arriving and both receiving a "Roll Tide- War Eagle" I said that we were having a contest on who could get the most that day! And after posting the below pic on FB, our "friends" wanted to participate too! In the park, we got 5-5, but several funny comments from the game announcers like, "Bet that's awkward on gameday!" Shane swears he got more, but bless him and his aging memory!:) JK! Oh and I by far won on the fb post! War Eagle!

But just so there's no confusion come football season, I am sure I will be attending a Bama game or two with no evil stares!!:)

The fast pass worked out great! We went with the gold and every time we would get scanned in at one ride, we would sign up for the next ride, so the only time we had any wait, was if we wanted the front. Which, is almost every ride to me!! I swear I am like a kid on those things! We actually rode everything 2 times and ended up leaving fairly early, around 5 I think. And since we all know how pricey that place is on food, we stopped by O Charley's on our way home. Don't judge me for putting away 5 rolls, I was starving! Those are so good and just sitting there!! I tried to make up for it by eating this salad for dinner, this is seriously, my favorite summer dinner! So so good! And maybe I had a bite or 3 of Shane's steak :/

It is important to get away for a bit, and with our honeymoon being this year, we have been spoiled this summer! I hope know we will always make time for each other. Things get out of balance when you don't have time for God first and time for your spouse second. Our series in church right now is on relationships. God, Spouse, Kids, Work, Hobbies. Each Sunday we will break those down and this week was our relationship with God. Next week will be Spouse and I elbowed Shane and whispered, "Don't work next week!" This Sunday was a day in the life that I have always dreamed of. No, we didn't do anything out of the ordinary. We began the morning with our service, then we went to a special "Faith Sharing class". After church, friends came over. She and I went to a Vi shake tasting party and the men spent time here with the kids grilling. When we came back dinner was almost ready and we spent the evening chatting and playing around with them! It really is the simply things in life that keep my heart full.

Shane and Chas took turns jumping with the boys!

Monday, August 13, 2012

End of Summer 2012

Last week began pretty great with an amazing church service on priorities. After church, Shane played golf and Caden and I picked up this pretty little girl. Monday, we spent a few hours at the Y where she braved the toddler slide for the first time!

How much do you love those goggles on her? And those braids, which we call "Rapunzel hair"!

I love how much she is like my mom and I, check out that hand on her hip, Miss Priss is an understatement! Notice Caden's jacket? He is always trying to be in character, and this I am guessing, was his motorcycle jacket?!

Last night, He was dressed in all black pants, jacket, and toboggan, while hiding under the trampoline...he was a robber!

I made this door hanger from wedding decor. Basically, Just added the burlap!

While we grilled steaks, the cousins enjoyed old fashion sprinkler fun on the trampoline! There is no greater sound than hearing them laugh and play together!!

We have been getting school supplies ready and since Caden has never had book covers, he was a little confused on what exactly this was!!

On Tuesday, I had a meeting and they had our first babysitter in our new town. She is such a sweetheart and has the best manners! I met her at VBS and hope that they didnt scare her away from ever coming back! We left for my mom's that afternoon and didnt do much once we made it there, since she was working.

Caden finally put together his Prince of Persia lego set that mom had for him!

Wednesday evening, we went to Lulu's. My mom works there and I love the atmosphere! They have so much for the kids to do while the adults just relax!

Thursday, we were going to Pensacola Beach until the rain changed our plans when we arrived. So we packed everything back up and went to a place the locals like. I was sure to let my mom's friends check out all of our Mary Kay goodies while relaxing!
Julianne and Lydia

That evening we went over to cook out with her friends. The food was so good and we finished our evening with this game!

I won and little man came in a close 2nd! Cant wait to show Shane our skills!:)
You have to ignore my hair in this! ha!

We were all tired and looking rough, but it was such a fun night!

We had to leave our Tata on Friday morning, but not before a yummy french toast and pancake breakfast at Miss Kittys!! We probably wont see my mom or Palyn again until our birthday in October, and were missing them already!

I am loving all of the positivity on my FB newsfeed! I want my words and actions to lift up and encourage others! Love this cute quote!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Days at the Y

Shane signed us up at the YMCA when we moved here, right before summer. I have been really impressed with how nice they are here in our town. There are three branches, each having something different as its focus. The one we visit weekly, has two pools each with big slides. One is a pool for smaller children, the other for the big kids and adults. The first few times we went, Caden was scared to slide or jump off of the diving board. It wasn't because he thought he would get hurt, he has done both many times at other places. I think he was nervous about everyone watching him, the new kid, when they were doing no such thing. He finally slid and jumped on Father's Day which I wrote about here. When we first began going, I would have to find a little boy that looked about his age and make small talk about the things Caden liked, then I would introduce them and they'd become buds. I know, his mom had to make his friends, but now he is completely comfortable on his own!!

Every Tuesday night, they have Family night and invite the families out for games and usually dinner. (Pizza, hot dogs, and chic-fil-a) The games are hula hoop contest, cannon ball contest, relay races, etc.)

Working out! ;)

We go at least once or twice a week. He used to be ready to leave after about 2 hours and now I have to pull him out after 4 hours. I have met quite a few ladies out there as well, so that is always fun!! I am so glad that we have this to keep us busy this summer! It has been great!