Thursday, June 30, 2011

Williams' Wedding

Ashley and I began our friendship when I was in the sixth grade. As the years went by, she became my best friend. We did everything together, her parents were like my parents, and her grandparents were like my grandparents. I went on family vacations with them and was always at their house. She graduated one year before I did and moved off to Auburn. She was extremely involved in her sorority and by this time I had a two  year old. As our college years went on, we kept in touch with two hour phone conversation that were way too rare. After graduating Auburn, Ashley moved to New York to put her fashion talent to work. Again, we kept in contact with random phone conversations. When she moved back to Birmingham, we met for lunch and caught up on the phone. Not too long after she was back in town, her boyfriend for about ten years, (on and off, you know how high school and college years are) Patrick proposed to her. It was not a shocker, however, everyone was so excited for them!

The wedding was so beautiful and one that any little girl would dream of. I am so happy for Ashley and Patrick and couldn't have wanted anyone better for them than each other!
Me and Ashley
Wasnt her dress gorgeous?

Ashley and Patrick

Me and Emmie

Ashley's grandparents
Memaw and Pepaw

other good friends from school
Holly and Sarah

Me with my beautiful mom

Ashley's parents
Jennifer and Larry

us with our moms

And just for fun..A trip down memory lane!
We go back further than these, but I had these on the computer already!

My 9th grade year, Ashley's 10th

Jr/Sr Prom

Her graduation-2004

Larry, Ashley, Jen, Caden, and Me

Congrats Mrs. Ashley Nichole Riddle Williams!
I love you!

In Love

Ya'll I am so in love with my life right now! I know some of you might not want to hear that, it probably sounds like Im bragging. But if you've ever felt like this, you know that I am just wanting to shout it out for everyone to hear!! Like seriously, I want to scream because it feels so good!!! I wake up every morning, and there is nothing about my day that I dread.

I am LOVING my summer days, but even the school days weren't so bad. Caden has been going to the Boy's Club around lunch everyday, which gives me a nice little break. He is still a wild thing, causing me to say his name 376247637463726 times in one day, in which 244894859489 of those he doesn't listen. But I just stop and breathe and know that that too shall pass one day! Now there are the times I ve had enough and get the belt, but I strongly believe in "spare the rod, spoil the child" He probably doesn't get enough spankings! My friends would probably agree!

I am LOVING my boyfriend. Ladies, follow the same advice I did and settle for nothing less than amazing! Everyone does have their faults, however, you should never make yourself believe that someone is for you if you do not feel it. Do not be afraid of being alone. I will tell you that I am so thankful for the time Caden and I spent alone. You have the rest of your life to be a wife. Enjoy your single time! With all of that being said... God has sent me the. most. amazing. man. ever. with a little help of his aunt, Mrs. Debbie Sanders. So sorry, youll have to settle for second best! Kidding! I could never, ever, ever in a million years ask for anyone better than Shane for Caden and me. He has the most kind heart, so funny, so laid back (which is the opposite of me!) loves Caden, and loves me! and he is such a cutie too! He lives in a different town, so for now, Im loving our time together on the weekends and vacations.

I am LOVING my church, especially my Sunday School class. My church is what you would call a traditional Baptist church. It is just what I need in my life. I love seeing the same faces every Sunday. I enjoy the messages every Sunday morning and being around the kids every Wednesday night. I love my SS class girls. You can talk about anything and you know it will stay in that room. You also know that those ladies are honestly praying for your needs, even out of the class. I miss them when I am not there, which I try to rarely let happen!

I am LOVING my family. When I was growing up, there would usually always drama between my mom's family. It almost seems as if now that I am grown, they all grew up as well. A lot less drama. We can actually have the family "get- togethers" that we missed a few years after my grandmother passed away. We all know how the others work and can look past those things to enjoy the good times. I am thankful for that. I also am glad that as I have gotten older, I have made more time for my dad's family. I am thankful that Caden's relationship has grown with each of them more than I ever would have imagined. I make time for my two grandmothers more than I ever have too. Please do the same for yours. You will be just as thankful one day that you did.

I am LOVING my friends. My heavens, I am a lucky girl to have so many friends. I have my best friends that we do everything together, then I have my best friends that I see here and there and get to catch up with. I love them all and am so blessed! They are all ages and I have things in common with them all. I wish there were enough days in the week to see them all more.

I am LOVING my job. Both of them. My job as an apartment site mananger has its ups and downs. I enjoy being in my office alone with no pressure of someone standing over me asking me for this and that. I work better that way and my job gets done. I love my managers. One comes to my office about once a week and checks in on things. She is a christian lady and we often get off of topic talking about the wonders God has worked in both of our lives. I love her!! I have actually never met my other manager in person, we only talk on the phone. However, I just love her too! She is always so upbeat and cheerful. They are both so easy going and realize that I was just thrown in here without much training, and dont mind me asking tons of questions! The part of my job that I hate....As a manager, you have to get on to people for not following the rules.  I am such a people pleaser, I dont like it when they dont like me. Actually, I am okay if you dont like me, just hate when someone acts like they like me to my face then talks about you behind your back. I seriously thought that ended in 2005 when I graduated high school. I am thankful that my managers have given me the mind set, "As a manager, if everyone likes you, then you arent doing your job!" Whew! I love that! 
My other job as a Mary Kay beauty consultant is hard to call a job. I have fun with it, and see many exciting possibilties in the future! 

There are so many other things I am LOVING right now! But I have rambled on enough and hope I have not lost anyone! I want to leave you with this, I got to this point by seeking my happiness in Jesus Christ. He is the one that has blessed me with all of these wonderful things. If you do the same, you will not regret it! I hope that everyone gets to feel the joy that I am feeling right now! As for me, I will continue to seek Him, and I am positive He will continue to bless me!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Choir Tours

The church I grew up in takes a youth choir mission trip every summer. Some of the best memories I have from when I was younger, are from those trips. We always had so much fun and were really touched and brought closer to God on those trips. The best part of all was that we were able to share the gospel with so many other areas. We had a specific destination, and would make stops along the way at churches and other places singing songs and preforming skits to share the love of Jesus. I was only able to make 3 trips, those were to the Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls, and Yellowstone National Park. The other trips included New York City, San Francisco, Hawaii, Disneyworld, a cruise, and others that I am not too sure about. Without the hard work of our music director, and support from our church, those opportunities would have never been possible for me and many others. Thank you FBC Childersburg and Par for giving the youth those opportunities. I hope that Caden has a chance to experience mission trips such as those I am thankful for. 

This year, they went to San Antonio, TX. My brother and sister have been going on the trips since they were old enough. At the end of every tour, they have a Homecoming concert at the church with a dinner afterwards. I always try to go and watch them. I am still amazed at how old my baby brother and sister are!

The youth choir

My brother singing

Calan and Caden

Those pictures were taken with my phone.

If you are ever given an opportunity for your child/teen to go on a mission trip, DO IT! I will be going with Caden to an RA "Mom and Lad" Camp at the end of July. I am very excited about it, because we are the only two going from our church on this particular trip. It will just be the two of us with other moms and sons that we dont know! Im praying that it will be beneficial to us both!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mary Kay Monday- Summer Eye Candy

NEW! Limited-Edition* Mary Kay® Shadow & Line Eye Duo, $16 each
Eye shadow/eyeliner in one! A stroke of genius, these 2-in-1 retractable pencils make being on-trend a breeze.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Babe, Dont be a Sucker

I am having such a hard time getting Shane to tell Caden, "NO". Caden knows that more than likely, he'll get his way with him, rather it be permission or something he wants. I understand that Shane doesn't have kids and that he wants Caden to like him, but Caden will break me! We have to draw a line somewhere, because I refuse to have a spoiled, bratty kid, that isnt grateful! Luckily, Caden hasn't become any of those, but he is only seven.

On our last beach trip, I spotted the two of them up at the register at Lulu's. Since we had already made our purchases, I was confused about what they were buying. Caden turned around and showed me his pin.
I took this with my phone, sorry for the quality.

"A pin? What do you need a pin for?" Shane said, "He says he's collecting them." Ha! Sucker! I just shook my head, and reminded him that it may be a $1.99 pin today, but when he's 16, it will be something way more expensive than that. He might as well get used to telling him "no" now!

When we went to Lambert's on our way home, Im guessing Caden was sticking to his story about "collecting pins" because look what he got there.
with my phone again!

Dont get me wrong, I am all for it if he is going to stick with collecting something. When we got home, I checked out his "pin collection". And I have to give it to him, he did have a few others already!
A few "Ben 10's", a "World's Greatest Grandson", and a "U.S. Space and Rocket Center"

So I'll give him the "pin collecting" thing, but what about this one. While in Target the other day, he sees a globe. Yes, a globe of the world. He wanted the globe. "But Caden, you already have a Leap Frog globe that tells you all about all of the countries. You dont need this globe." I turned around and guess what was in the buggy, yep, the globe. "Shane!!", "Well won't he need it for school?" he said. "Umm, I never did." I told him. Myyyy goodness! I guess it will make nice decor on his shelf. Or maybe I could come up with a learning activity with it!
Yes, this is Betsy!

In all seriousness, I am so thankful that Caden and I have someone like Shane. He has the best heart and is just so wonderful in every way possible. I love every minute we are with him.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Partying and Painting

When we finally made it back into town on Saturday morning, we were ready for Olivia and Emmas birthday pool party. Everyone had a great time watching the kids swim and play. I am so thankful that Caden is a good swimmer, although I still watch him closely, it is so nice to not have wonder if he is ok out there. The pool in our town has two diving boards. A regular size, and then the high dive. I remember loving the high dives when I was little. I was on the swim team for three years, and would love for Caden to be on one as well. However, there is only one of me and I have to work some time!
Ready for the pool party

thinking about it

still thinking about it

about to go

He kept saying the entire party that he wasnt scared,
he was just waiting till the end of the party.

This is Emma, and her gift from Caden and me.
It is a seersucker snack box from Braylabee's
Click on the name to see other great items my friend Jen has!

Emma is the baby sister, and she is the cutest thing! She definately keeps us entertained at church! Every Sunday her words to me are, "Miss Brittany, do you have gum?" And my reply determines whether or not shell have anything to do with me! In both of the girl's snack boxes, I put a pack of gum. And on Sunday morning, I asked THEM if THEY had any gum for me!

This is the big sister, Olivia. Also with a snack box from Braylabee's

Olivia makes me smile just by seeing her. She is always in great spirits and I have never seen her act ugly or even be sad. She is the happiest little girl, all of the time!

Thank you girls for inviting us to your party! We had a great time and ate too much pizza!

After the party, we went to Whitman's Art Gallery to let Caden paint an owl. It was soo cute! Ours ended up a little different, but I am so happy with it. He began the painting, then made me do the details and finish it up. When Kevin (owner) told him that he wasn't going to be able to tell everyone that he painted it, he said that it did not matter that I did most of it. "He did some, so that was his painting." And that is just what he does when he shows it off! I would love to do more of these together with him, however, his ADD kicked in not even halfway through!
This is the face I love so much

Kevin and Caden proud with "Our" painting!

You should all check out Whitman's Art Gallery in Childersburg, if you are in the area. Kevin has always had amazing talent!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Surprise..or not

So I have said many times that I have never been to Disneyworld, and I am dying to take Caden. Well friends, that time has come! Thanks to the fact that Shane has never been and cant wait to go either! We literally, COULD NOT WAIT! He said, lets do it and we wasted no time getting it all straightened out to go. He moved his vacation around and we booked it all, with the great help of my friend, Amy! After it was confirmed, I wanted to come up with a cool way to tell Caden. First- give him a different balloon every day with the message,  "Were...Going...To...Disney". Second- On Friday, the day that he would get the "Disney" balloon, we would be with Shane and have a Mickey cake and a note from Mickey. Pretty decent little plan, huh?! So, I go to the store on Tuesday, and get red ballons with black and white polka dot ribbon. Then write, "Were". Well, this "cheerleader mom" thought it looked a little plain, so I very stupidly add little Mickey ears to the bottom of the balloon for a little more decoration. I mean, who doesnt know what Mickey ears mean?
On day 1, he said, "We're, Disney"
On day 2, he said, "Going"..."Were going to Disney!"
There it was, just like that. Shane missed the smile and excitement that I wanted him to be there for. Dang it, Brittany!! Would a toddler not have gotten that?!
When we were with Shane on Friday, we still had the cake and note from Mickey. Which let me just take the time to thank my sweet man for picking up all of the stickers, scrapbook paper, balloon, and cake all on his own! God love him! I know Im a lucky girl!

Well, the cake was good, and we are all excited!
Were also happy to have our Tata go along with us!
And I promise not to drive you crazy with tons of Disney comments until September! Just please leave me any tips, with all 4 of us having never been, any would be useful!

Friday Farewell

This weekend was the perfect combination of fun and relaxation! I love those weekends and need more of them for sure! Shane was leaving on Saturday morning for Korea for a week. We went on Friday to spend a little time with him. We had a surprise for Caden, that we could have possibly been more excited about than he was. Please tell me this happens in your home too?! Ill tell you soon about the surprise, if you arent a fb friend and already know. We then went to eat lunch at Mellow Mushroom, and after a quick Target run, we laid around and tried to make our day together last longer.

This picture is awful, when we were waiting on VERY HEAVY rain to stop, we asked our server to take this pic for us. I am officially a blogger when I take pictures at a restuarant. The guy was not in any sort of a hurry, but managed to still make it look like he snapped it and ran off. Oh well, it was between him and a sweet elderly couple that probably couldnt have seen the button. I laughed and told Shane that all three of our faces look like we are just the happiest little family, and he said, "we are!"...I loved that response!

Emmie lives about 20 minutes from him, and has just moved into a new house. After watching this, we went to see the cute and cozy place that she has been so excited about! We are happy for her and her new place!

After he left for the airport Saturday morning, Caden, Betsy, and I headed back to Sylacauge for two sweet sisters' birthday party! Oh and, you will meet Miss Betsy very soon! I have talked to Shane a few times since he left, he is enjoying his trip for work that is more like a vacation! Lucky! Not being able to pick up the phone and text or call him at anytime this week, is reminding me of what life was like before him. Definately keeps me from taking him for granted. The rest of our weekend deserve post of their own, so this is all for now!

Mary Kay Monday- New Limited Editions

I am so sorry that I have been slacking on my Mary Kay Mondays. Memorial Day, we were gone to the beach and it messed up my entire routine with blogging. I am so excited about the new limited editions that we have out for the summer!

First, we have a brand new mascara that Im sure we are all going to love!

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just Go With It

Thats just what we did this weekend! I realized on Friday afternoon, that the only plans I had for the weekend were to go to a wedding Saturday night, and spend time with my sweet man on Sunday. Its been so long since I have had a "redbox" night, so I picked one up and called over two of my girls. Crystal and Emmie came over and we watched...

Emmie stayed the night and I tried really hard not to talk her to death when were going to sleep! Ha! I am seriously like a preteen girl when she stays over, talking and talking while shes trying to go to sleep! Sorry Ems! Saturday, I spent the day on Caden's room. I am seriously getting rid of so much. I am not too much of a pack rat, however, in his room Ive been keeping things that he likes but doesnt play with. Not this day! I only kept toys that he still plays with! This big boy room will be one thing I am looking forward to, rather than the messy toy filled floors. 

That evening we went to Sarah and Joel's wedding. It began to rain on the way there, and when we arrived, they moved the ceremony to the reception site, then back to the ceremony site. As the weather cleared up, we all grabbed towels and blankets out of our trunks and had dry benches to sit on! I laughed because I only had an Auburn blanket, and looked like I was ready for tailgating! (aside from my dress, of course!) The wedding was beautiful and Sarah was nothing less than stunning.

How adorable is this cake and picture of Sarah?

Bethany, Emmie, Me, Ali, and MaryJane

Bestie Emmie!

First Dance

Holly, Ashley, and Me
Best friends throughout high school

Stevi, another bestie from high school

Memory tree, precious pics of those two growing up!

With the Bride!
Remember the rain messed with my hair!

Lindsay, another friend from school!!

Sunday morning, Caden and I went to Sunday school, then Shane met us for church. Having no other plans on Sunday, I wanted our only day together to go by as slowly as possible! So we stayed on the couch, after filling up on Zaxby's with some of his fam. It worked too, it felt 7 when it was only 4! So then he had a few little handy favors to do for me around the house! So nice to have someone else to hang pictures and curtians for me! ;) That evening, we went to my friend Amy's house to plan a huge surprise!! Another wonderful weekend behind us, and many, many, many more to come!