Tuesday, May 31, 2011


On Sunday evening, after we were cleaned up from the beach and full from donuts, we went to Lulu's for the annual Lulu-palooza. It was an event that marked the kick off of Summer! It is one of the best resturants to take your children while you are in Orange Beach, with the sand play area including a lot of fun activities for them. This weekend, they had bands out on the stage and were super crowded!

This band had a conga line going! If you look closely, youll see my mom in the back!

My sweet girl, with messy hair!

Tata and her babies!

and with her big babies!

My favorite picture from our whole trip!

Peace, love and Lulu's

one of the bands

Ok, my scardy cat Caden decided he wanted to take on this large obstacle course with his Tata. He doesnt do things like that so I was very shocked when he was insisting. (Im pretty sure I blinded this poor guy!)

Getting all hooked up!

I asked the guy how they get down, and he replied, "Well they just go over there and unhook their belt and jump." With all seriousness, I said, "Oh, my son will never go for that, he just never does stuff like this!". I know the guy thought I was an idiot after he informed me that he was kidding and they would just come down the stairs!

They appear to be ready as can be!

Whoo! Go Mama!

That is Caden in the blue, he made it only to the top of the stairs before insisting on coming down! I knew he would!

After a quick beach volleyball lesson, we were back to Mama's for some good resting!

Hot and Fresh

My mom lives pretty much right across the Krispy Kreme donuts in Foley. Not a good thing! If you are reading from somewhere else, I must let you know that Krispy Kreme puts Dunkin Donuts to shame anyday! We took Caden in to get some fresh donuts, and we had no idea that this location was only one week old!
Which ones?!!

Checking out how those little delights are boxed up

here Shane, you wear it!


Buy one dozen, get $2 off the next dozen
uh oh!! We were in trouble now!

My mom is a server at LuLu's resturant, which is Jimmy Buffet's sister. My mom met her husband and found out that his family is the owner of Krispy Kreme donuts. I had no idea, kinda cool huh?

The bad thing about this is that weve eaten so many donuts the past few days! Glazed, lemon filled, creme filled, raspberry filled, and chocolate, lordy! I will be starving this week, because of donuts!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Be Nice or Go Home!"

We made it to Orange beach yesterday to visit with my mom for the weekend! She was working when we arrived so we headed over to the outlets to pick up a few new beach towels. After our amazing deals, we were off to soak up some sun! We parked at the first public beach that we came to which was in front of "The Hangout". We stayed down on the beach for a few hours and boy was it crowded. We almost couldnt find a spot. Normally, we have plans to go and get cleaned up before going out for dinner.  However, since we were right in front of one of the best known places to eat here, we decided to just go up as we were and hang out there for the evening. This post contains A LOT of pictures!

I loved all of the vintage decor

a wall of pez!

Walls full of vintage lunchboxes

Vintage Thermoses

Servers danced to cotton eyed joe and the macarena

Ping pong!

Yuck! Oysters!

Caden missed his Tata!

They had a great play area for the kids

the foam was Caden's favorite!

He was seriously up on the sand dome acting like Hulk with foam on his face!

See this "Masterpiece"

This guy with the waterhose kept freaking out on the kids that would climb up on his side of the dome! We were dying laughing at him!!

Like Ive told you before, he insist on having a frozen drink like us!

This sweet lady asked Shane to dance with her!

vintage band aid tins!


The wish wall, you wrote a wish and stuck it in the wall

A banner for the troops