Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Life and a New Church

We have been visiting First Baptist Church of Oak Grove since this Summer. It has been on my heart the past few weeks to join the church. This past Sunday felt like the perfect opportunity for that. Caden and I went up to Bro. Max during the invitation and I told him that we were ready to become members. He asked if Caden had accepted Jesus Christ into his heart. Now, Caden is only seven and as some of you know from my FB post, we talk about Jesus all the time. He knows how to become a Christian, but I was going to wait and let him do it on his own time. I wanted him to understand the decision he was making. I explained this to Bro Max and he then asked Caden if he was ready to ask Jesus into his heart and he said yes! After the service everyone came and congratulated us and welcomed us to the church. This is the most friendly church I have ever been to!

 After we became members!
At lunch, after he asked Jesus into his heart!

We have already been participating in the churches activities such as, Sunday School, Children's choir, and RA's. They have asked when Caden would be ready to be baptised and I am still a little unsure as to if he is ready for that yet. It is such a spiritual, life changing experience, I would want him to be sure he understand the decision he is making. I am so very proud of this little boy and have made sure that he knows that our job as a Christain is to live a God honoring life and tell everyone about Jesus!! On Sunday night, as we were laying in bed, I asked Caden how he felt now that he was a Christian. He replied, "Well I don't feel Him walking around in my heart like tick, tick tick. And I didn't hear Him say 'knock knock Caden, I am in your heart now!'" I just love this innocence of his faith!

Cub Scouts

We signed up for Cub Scouts not too long ago and it didn't take us long to get that ball rolling! So far, we have participated in Scout Day at the Zoo, a beginning camping trip, and Cub Haunted. I am hoping that boy scouts will help me teach Caden the "guy things" that he is missing out on. Everyone always asks if I'm the only mom there, and actually I am not! Thank God!

At the zoo, we met with Aubie!

 At the beginning camper's trip!
 We got our tent put together!
(not alone!)
It actually wasn't very "hardcore"
We had pizza and watched Karate Kid on a big projection screen! ha! Nice little warm up to camping!

Cub Haunted was a Halloween themed events. He participated in archery and bb guns. They also made little crafts and had a haunted hayride! It was a good time, but one night is definately enough for me!

 Three silly little cub scouts ready to camp!!

 Mama's sweet scout!

 The Moms! Ha!

 Getting ready for some archery!

 Learning how to shoot!

 Big Boy!

 We forgot his costume,
so we bought this at the trading post!

He got this dog tag chain for his birthday from Brody.
It says "Caden Nelson- Cub Scouts"

Almost out!

Soccer Season

Caden played soccer when he was four and last year we took a break. Or, what I hoped to be a break. I asked him if he would try one more time this year and told him that if he didn't like it this time he didn't have to do it again. He agreed. I was proud of him this season, because he actually got out there and paid attention! He mostly played the guard position, and didn't let very many balls get past him! However, even though our team (FIRE) went undefeated, Caden still had his mind made up that this would be the last year he played. Now, that is hard for me because I'm such a "ball field cheerleader mom" Ha! We have decided that in the Spring we will try BMX riding, he has always loved riding bikes. He has also mentioned karate. We'll see! Here are a few pictures from our soccer season!

Isn't he a handsome soccer player?

 The undefeated FIRE!
 Some of his team

 This was about how excited he was this year!

His TaTa came to watch!

Star Wars Birthday Party

As I've mentioned before, Caden had a Star Wars party for his seventh birthday! I have also mentioned that I know nothing about Star Wars, but I have managed to pick up a little along the way! I started planning by looking at ideas on the internet and going to the exhibit also helped a little.We usually dress the parts at our parties, but I did not have the time or funds to participate this year! Caden, however, was the one and only  Darth Vader! Which would later double as his Halloween costume! Here are some pictures from his party! I think he had a great turn out!

Darth Vader Birthday Boy!
Playing with friends
I made these "light sabers" with
 pool noodles and black tape

 Yoda Soda

Wookie Cookies

Light Sabers and Jedi Jellies

 "The Fighter" and "Millenium Falcon"
His Cake

Love my Birthday Boy!

I think he had a great party this year! We have now been discussing next year's theme!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our "Birthday Day"

Yes, Caden and I have the same birthday! And yes, this post is going back about 2 weeks! Anyways! On our "birthday day" I woke Caden up extra early with a present. Then we went to a quick breakfast at the Huddle House.
Sweet boy is Seven!

After dropping him off at school, I had to make a quick trip to Wal Mart. I came out and one of my friends had these on my car IN THE PARKING LOT!

Today was also Homecoming at our town's high school. I took cupcakes to his class about 1:00, and then we had to check out for the pep rally!

Caden with his cupcake in his classroom!

We went to the pep rally and after that followed the Homecoming parade!
Friends watching the parade!

We ended our day by going out to dinner at Logan's Roadhouse with my Mom and family. We had a great day together and I still can't believe that my baby is seven years old!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Star Wars Exhibit

First and Foremost, I have been a terrible blogger! I have been so busy, and I am always thinking, "nobody really cares to read about whats going on with you!" I am going to try to back up and do a few posts to catch up!

About a month ago, a friend and I took Caden and her son to the Huntsville Space and Rocket Center for a Star Wars exhibit. I have never in my life had an interest in Star Wars and know NOTHING about it. However, my sweet Caden has fallen in love with it this year. So much that he wanted it to be the theme of his seventh birthday party. I usually try to stay away from the character themes, but I couldn't say no! I am hoping that it turns out as good as I've wanted. We haven't gone "all out" this year being that I am "JOBLESS"! As long as he has his friends and family he will have a blast! I will definately post about it after this weekend!

Back to the exhibit, Amy mentioned it to me at the beginning of school and I couldn't pass it up. I knew he would so excited! We did go on a weekday, but we had it excused from school as an "educational trip"! This exhibit had all of the props from the real Star Wars movies! Each prop had a speaker to tell you all about it, however, the boys were too excited and ran from one thing to the next! If you are my friend on FB then you might have already seen pictures from our big day. Here are a few of them...

The Millennium Falcon

Caden with Darth Vader Suit


He bought these there!

Worn Out!!

I figured that this trip would be a great gift to Caden because it is something he will always remember! I apologize for all of the glares, we couldnt use a flash in the exhibit!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Family Filled Weekend

This Saturday, we had our family come in from Georgia. Caden, his friend Payton, and I spent the day with them. We always have a great time catching up. The boys played outside all day and this is how we found them. I am not complaining at all! It was nice to see them being "little boys"!
It is kinda hard to tell on here,
 but they were diiiirty!

That night, we ate too much! I was so full,
but of course had room for dessert!
 I was supposed to teach them all how to play BUNKO,
 but instead they taught me ZUMBA!
Zumba hasn't made it to Sylacauga, AL yet! It is kind of a big deal because we don't have access to a class, unless we drove to Birmingham. I'll just let you know that I am not made to move like that! I would feel so sorry for anyone in a class that had to watch me!
Later, I gave in and watched "The Last Song". I only had about three chapters left in the book and basically knew what was going to happen. It was a great movie and I cried! However, it did not compare to the book, which was amazing! I finished it today and it had me all torn up!
On Sunday, after church we met with my mom and family for a cook-out. Her boyfriend, Dan's son is moving to Maryland next week and everyone wanted to get together before he left. Once again, the kids had a blast!
Feeding the Catfish
Riding the Rhino
The guys played horse shoes

I brought a pretty baby girl home with me!
Caden and Palyn had a blast in the bath!
Check out her new hair style her Britt gave her!

TaTa gave Caden his Birthday/Halloween costume!
Yes, we dress up for our bday parties!
Don't judge!

On Monday, we took Miss Palyn back to Bham and spent the day with Mom again before coming back to cook out with friends. I definatley need to go on a diet after all of the eating I did this weekend! How could I have forgotten to mention that we watched the Auburn game on Saturday! War Eagle!Hope you all had a great Labor Day/ First football game weekend!!