Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break- Beach

Shane has to book his vaca days in November before the new year. When asking me when he should take off, I tried asking him where he wanted to go. I was a little pressured trying to plan a family vaca with such short notice and no clue where to go. Of course his response was that we didnt have to know WHERE just WHEN....well I mean, you kinda need to know both right? You wouldnt want to spend a beach vaca in Feb, or personally I wouldnt want the mountians in July. So yes, we needed an idea of where! Still unsure, he took Spring Break and a week in Sept. My mom lives close to Orange Beach, but we missed being able to stay on the beach and walk down whenever you wanted. So we chose to spend our Spring Break in Panama City. Sounds kinda funny though! 2 years ago before we were engaged we stayed in the same place so it was fun to bring back old memories. This SB as everyone knows was a alot colder than usual, and I was nervous about being bundled up inside for the week. But on the 2nd day we were able to relax on the beach and it warmed up more everyday. Of course the best weather being the day we left! Doesnt that always happen?

Poor thing kept his shirt on for a while on the beach!

Burying your parents feet is always fun!

He usually doesnt like the sand and asks to go to the pool after a few hours. Thankfully, since the pools werent in swimming temps, he was just as happy playing at the beach!

On this day, he was just as happy relaxing!

This pic made me think he needed a sibling to play with, but maybe later :)

We actually invited my mom to meet us there for a day/night as well. Shane was excited to spend 2 days golfing at the Hombre.

I still get Mama love!

My mom and Caden

Us, enjoying our much needed girl time!

It was so sweet to see this couple out sharing Gods love. They have been doing it on Spring Break beaches for more than 20 years!

We enjoyed our time away and it was of course hard to come back to a routine!

Next post, Ill share about our nights!

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