Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MC's first birthday!

I completely forgot that I drafted this posted and never finished it! Only about a week later, not too bad! Anyways, Last Saturday, we celebrated sweet Mary Charles' first birthday party! I love this precious girl, so I am sure it is no surprise that I stayed home in Sylacauga that weekend, and didnt go stay with Shane. She had a great turnout at her party and it was all just too cute!

"hi everyone! thank you all for coming!"

My favorite photo of MC and her mommy! So presh!

MC had a fun clown at her party! She played so well with the kids and made them all laugh a ton!

The clown made MC this little balloon ladybug!

Kayden Johnson had his face painted like a lion!

"This is what guys do"
That's what Caden kept telling me about he and Layne Parker playing the 3DS.

Everyone always brags on Caden when he is so good, like this night. I have to tell them that his game is like his babysitter. It keeps him calm and focused. There were mostly babies there, so he was just fine right there!! We are still sticking to the "only on weekends" game rule!

Kayden Johnson and Collin

Her invite said, "no gifts please"
Call me rude for not respecting her mommy's wishes, but there was no way I wasn't getting my girl something! Seems as if everyone else felt the same way! She ended up with too many precious gifts! I love my bag that we had her beach towel in!

Monogrammed beach towel from us!

Some of their other friends made this beautiful gift for MC. All of those photos were takken when she was 6 months old. Loved it!

Can't believe you are one, Mary Charles! I am so happy to be a part of your life and to be able to watch you grow and play almost daily. Love you sweet girl!

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