Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3D, Belly Buttons, and Cherry Blossoms

This is the kind of toothpaste we use at our apartment. We have used it for the past couple of tubes we have had. Well this morning, Caden wanted to know what it meant that our toothpaste was 3D. I told him that it just makes our teeth really white. "Like a 3D movie?" he asked. "Well they dont pop out or anything, they are just supposed to be really white." The conversation went on, and I wish I could remember it word for word, which is part of the reason I blog, to remember our funny conversations. I love looking back at the funny things that he has said or done over the years!


Something else,  tonight he had a band aid on his belly button. He said they had to put one on there after they took it out. "Took what out?" I asked. "My belly button." he responded like it wasn't a big deal. "Who took it out?" I questioned again. "The doctors." he said. After asking him where it went, he kind of drifted off into another conversation. Funny times though!

Well while were at it, I might as well add one more that I dont want to forget about! This one has kept me laughing. I love cinnamon toast crunch cereal, so I try not to buy it a lot because Ill eat it all. That actually happens with most cereals. Anyways, a long time ago Caden pointed something out to me that we have laughed about everytime a commercial comes on or the box is right there in front of us.

"Mama, look at their shoes!"

Yeah, so it may not be that funny to you. But I am pretty sure that if you know Caden, you pictured him saying it and it had to have made it a little funnier! Were both silly anyways! Shane and I were just saying the other night how much he is like me. I dont realize it until I do something, then I am like, "ohhhh that's where he gets it!"

Above was written earlier in the week, this morning Caden was looking at my new deodorent. He asked if he could have some and I told him he would need it soon enough. I may have let him wear it for fun if it didn't have a feminine scent. he said, "It's ok, my underarms already smell like cherry blossoms." Ha!


Holly said...

LOL at the 3D toothpaste! That's funny! I'd never thought about that either! :P

Brittany said...

He is so funny! I really need to write everythign down!! We are always on the go, so it gets hard to remember everything!!:) Thank you for reading!