Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Golfing like my Daddy & Recreational Companionship

At least once a week, (HUUUUGE understatement) Shane heads out to the golf course. He loves it, and I love that he loves it. Everyone always jokes with him about, "getting in his time while he can", or "Brittany let you come out here?". I know they are all kidding, and I know as our family grows our schedule may get a little more hectic and less free time, but I am seriously not the "wife" that demands we be together 24/7. I always joke back and tell him that if I dont care about him going on the weekends while I am visiting here, I am surely not going to care if he goes on the weekends when I live here. I kid saying that Ill probably want him to go!! Seriously kidding, I love being with him. Although, I do feel like it is important in a marriage/ relationship for you each to have your own recreational time. I also think it is essential to participate in some recreational time together.

Recreational companionship is actually one of a man's 5 basic needs in a wife. I have thought about our "recreational time", because I do not play golf, watch it or other sports on tv. But I dont mind going every now and then to "ride along". I know Shane already despises shopping, with the exception of Belk. (He hates Target the most) And yes, to me shopping would be an activity, at least its not an addiction!;) So the things that we spend our time together doing is walking/running- Shane has been very consistent in walking 3 miles everyday for the past 6/7 years. I enjoy running and he joined me when training for the 5k we ran recently. We get Caden to walk with us too. I will always want us to make that family time a priority. He also used to bowl a lot, so that is something we all do together as well. I am thinking later that we 3 may try a little tennis too! So I am not saying you need to stay stuck up your man all of the time, but try to make that time to just have fun together doing what the other enjoys. It has been effortless for us so far, but I know life will get crazier at some point and it will have to become a priority.

The intent of this post was to document the last time we all went out together to the golf course, but it looks like I got off track a little!

Caden, as you know, has not found his "thing". I of course hope that he wants to play golf like Shane, but will not push anything on him. The only thing we wonder about him playing golf is his ability to focus. Which is no surprise to anyone that knows us! His favorite things about the golf course right now are....

Playing on the driving range

Checking out Shane's awesomeness
ha! Im partial!

Cleaning the balls, and getting water in those cone cups

His favorite, of course, is driving

and playing on the hills!

I love this photo above!

After the wedding craziness slows down this summer (July), we are signing him up for Jr. golf lessons. He will know after that if he likes it or just likes goofing off!

BTW- I was cleaning out Shane's closet a few weeks ago, and trying to make a little room for myself. When I was finished I was amazed at how many clothes he still had after getting rid of those that didnt fit anymore. This man has 45 "golfing" shirts. Seriously. Not including regular Polo shirts, Im talking Ashworth, etc shirts. I was in awe that a man would take up a walk in closet. "Scoot over", I tell him!! In the back of my mind, I may have been rejoicing a little due to the fact that he can never complain about how many clothes I have!!!

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