Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Catching Up

I should be fairly good at playing catch up by now! It has been more than a month since I have found the time to post about anything going on. I have found my self missing it, but when I get the slightest amount of free time, I remember 1000 other things I have to do instead of blog. However, since I cant sleep AT ALL tonight, Ill catch up on as many posts as possible. Way too many sweet memories in this time that has passed!

Mostly for myself to not leave anything out, here is a list of posts to come:
  • Golf Course
  • Weekend with Palyn
  • Zoo
  • March Beach trip
  • MK Career Conf.
  • Wedding Wednesday
  • Easter Weekend
  • Bachelorette Weekend
  • Apartments Easter Egg Hunt
  • Family Fun Day
  • Random Leftover Pictures
Whoa! I didnt realize how much I had until I just wrote that! I am pretty sure I wont ever let it get this out of hand again! Hope you're all ready to catch up on what has been keeping us so busy!!

Easter 2012

Note to self- Remove sunglasses

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