Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our Christmas Decor

This post may be boring to you, but I would like to remember what our Christmas decorations were like our first year of marriage. I use the same theme throughout our home. Greens, reds, sparkly, and FUN! This was our second year to have a skinny tree. I like it! Also, I tried to keep these photos in some kind of order, but there is a lot of jumping back and forth!
Our tree mid season
Please excuse Shane's tv dinner stand from his bachelor days. He still has a love affair with it and refuses to let me get an end table in its place! :)

Our stockings
Dont worry, we bought an extra last year so that one day, our addition can match ours!
Also, you probably cant see them, but I hung a silver initial -S-B-C- ornament from each stocking instead of monogramming. They were busy enough!

New Christmas table was an exciting addition this year!!
I looked everywhere the past few months for green napkins, after I had the red chargers and silver placemats. No luck until the day after Cmas. Went into WalMart's holiday clearance and found them. Price checked and found out the reason I wasnt meant to find them before then....10 CENTS 2/pk!! I am telling yall, deals just find me! ;)

Made this via pinterest
So cute but realized its not big enough, so I am giving this one to my mom and Ill make a new something next year for our cards! They brought daily smiles as we received cards from old and new family and friends!

Paintings, platters, and garland was a nice addition this year to the top of the kitchen cabinets

Made this for a countdown, but who couldnt ever find the chalk??!! Ha!

This napkin holder is one of my favorite pieces
The 2011-2012 Christmas Princess shines from behind!

Back to the living room


I longed to have one of these trees for so long because it reminds me of my grandmother at Christmas. A special lady gave her mom's to me. Meant soooo much to me, as does she! Another special lady gave me a large white one! My requests were heard and now I will remember them everytime I place them out!

I wish I could take the awesome pictures of Christmas lights like every other blogger does!
 Oh well, you get it!

Below our stockings, a box holding Cmas books/ movies and a houndstooth Santa joined our Santa boots

I love these ornaments with different names of our Lord, but want a better way to display them.
I think they need their own mini tree!

My favorite thing our home any time of the year would have to be these two playing nightly in this recliner!
Caden also has a small tree in his room, with different ornaments through the years, and AU/AL ornaments!

Caden loved getting on the house helping Shane finish up the outdoor lights

Front door

New things I have picked up for next year..
A manger scene( have no idea where mine is), a small set of pre lit presents, and

This sweet Santa holding baby Jesus

This tree in Caden's room
Shane rolled his eyes on this one!!
I love our decor and have big plans for the future one year at a time. But this year I realized that I need to make sure our Christmas decor is more Christ centered. That is my goal for next year! Hope you enjoyed the tour! I am def sore today from putting it all up yesterday and today!!

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