Friday, February 1, 2013

Our Birthday Surprises

So who exactly blogs about their son's and their own birthday 4 months after? This busy mom does! I cant let our birthday surprises slip out of our memory, so I have to fit it on here even if its late! (fyi, its gonna be the same way with our wedding and Cmas) Go ahead and stamp me worst blogger ever!
Oh and if you dont know this about us yet, Caden and I have the same birthday. It is something cool that we share and he loves telling people that he stole my birthday :) I actually found out that another local blogger (Ashley, at Heath Bars and Reese's Cups) and her daughter share the same as us as well. Ha! October 1st is a fun day :)
For the second year in a row, Caden woke up to his bed covered in fun balloons!

Can I still do this when he is 17?
(you know  I will!)
Our sweet Shaney boo had a perfect birthday breakfast cooked and decorated for us!

And this is what my guys got me for my birthday...

Rose gold Michael Kors watch
It has gotten a lot of use over the last 4 months too!!

I have made such wonderful friends in the short time that we have been here, and they were so sweet to remember my birthday!
We were able to have him another cake when Tata came to celebrate!

Caden couldnt decide which pokemon set to spend his bday money on!
I remember thinking boys were so weird for liking pokemon, and here is my kid!

And we were able to finish up our celebrating with a Sunday lunch at Mexican where SHane surprised us with the singing. We really were shocked bc it was like a week after, ha!

I have the cutest boy!! I want to squeeze him!!

Shane video-ed us!
 I laugh at the end, I am like "Gracious!" in the most country voice! Ha!

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