Friday, February 1, 2013

2012 T-Giving & Bama Game

Going way back to Nov here!


I had Thanksgiving lunch with Caden at his school.
I actually didnt even know it was that day and I just so happened to be there for something else, so that worked out well!

The treats he made his class..
idea and printable from The Larson Lingo

We spent our Thanksgiving rushing from one family members house to another. I, of course, enjoyed seeing everyone, but it kind of defeats the purpose of visiting everyone when youre rushing the entire time. With us living away and all fam in different towns, its a real strain. I hope to come up with a better plan for the future years. I get jealous when I see people being able to spend the day relaxing at one house and playing football and other games with their family members. I would rather split up the holidays and have better quality time rather than quantity of people and very little time. We both come from split families. Luckily, we celebrate T-giving and Cmas with both of our moms and sisters together, so that helps a little. Other than spending the week rushing around and house hopping, we really enjoyed seeing our familes. ----I know this may have seemed like I was complaining when others dont even have one family to visit with, and I do remember them during these times. We are very blessed to have so many families to choose from for the holidays.

Alabama Game

So if you didnt know, Shane is a pretty big Bama fan and I, along with Caden, have been Auburn fans. I say it that way because, Shane has converted Caden, but I may have to explain me! haha...I didnt grow up in a football loving home and when in high school and college, I had friends that went to both. But I spent more time in Auburn and began pulling for them....different things over the years have kept me an Auburn fan. But truly, I just love the south and allllll things traditional. I think its cool that some people have the passion that I dont because I wasnt raised to love football or the teams. Sometimes I wish I did, but there are things I love about both schools...not just the football team!! I know I have a total mindset from everyone else in the state!! I am still pulling for Auburn first, but Bama too. I will get so many eye rolls, but thats is NOT the biggest thing in my life!! It sure is fun if you let it stay that way!

Even though I love orange and blue,
 I have to say this is a great pic in Bama gear!

love this close up of Big Al!

this new fan had a great time!

such a fun video!
So I was finally able to see what some of the hype was about at a Bama game!
 BUT, I never once said Roll T**e!
War Eagle!

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