Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Toy Story 3, Finally!

Caden's shirt says, "Toys will be Toys"
He is known for saying "Kids will be Kids" to me

After many failed attempts to make it to see the movie we've awaited since October, we made it! We went to see Toy Story 1 &2 in 3D when it came to theaters last Fall. Since then, (he) we have been facinated with Toy Story! I am usually not a fan of wearing character shirts out and about, but we HAD to make an exception for this! My friend, Lacey and I laughed just as hard as the kids!1 &2 were good, but 3 was great! To noone's surprise, Ken and Barbie were my faves! They were hilarious!
Layne, Kayden, and Caden

Toy Story fanatic here!

Two excited little boys!

They even got to take home these little
activity books with posters inside!

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