Monday, July 5, 2010

Let Freedom Ring!!

We have had too much fun this weekend! It has been long and therefore brings you a long post with lots of pictures!

Friday night, we had a kid free night, and went to eat at Marble City Grill. On our way to the car, we spotted the GAZEBRA! (gazebo) We all had the same idea! Silly Senior/Family/Engagment portraits!!! Please excuse us! We thought it was hilarious!
Senior Portrait Pose

Family Portrait Pose

Engagment Pose

We can't just be serious all the time!!

Saturday, we swam all day at our friend Sandie's. Which is where Caden spent the night with his friend, Payton the night before. Apparently, they played all night long because this was what I found when he was eating his corndogs that evening.
Yes, one gone, one left, and one halfway gone!!!!

That night, we went to a firework show!
This is one of my favorite pictures
 from the whole weekend!
 It reminds me of two All-American boys!!

On the 4th of July, we first went to my aunts for my grandmothers birthday.
This is MawMaw Mary,
 I spent a lot of time at her house when I was little and
 I will always remember her birthday!!

Afterward, we went to meet up with our friends!
 This was our day...

Had a quick "grown-up" cupcake fight!

Took a golf cart ride

Had a jump rope contest!

(The cupcake fight and the indoor jump roping were not
planned activities!! Just some spontaneous fun!!!)

Heading to the firework show!

Kayden and Caden

Palyn and Presley

Caden was sure to keep up his
 "Best Big Cousin" role!

We met my dad and step mom at the firework show in Childersburg after the one in Sylacauga. Gerald Wallace is a professional basketball player that graduated from Childersburg a few years before I did. He put on a great firework show for the town.  I must say that even though we didn't go anywhere on vacation or have any big plans for the 4th, it was the best one yet!

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