Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our "Birthday Day"

Yes, Caden and I have the same birthday! And yes, this post is going back about 2 weeks! Anyways! On our "birthday day" I woke Caden up extra early with a present. Then we went to a quick breakfast at the Huddle House.
Sweet boy is Seven!

After dropping him off at school, I had to make a quick trip to Wal Mart. I came out and one of my friends had these on my car IN THE PARKING LOT!

Today was also Homecoming at our town's high school. I took cupcakes to his class about 1:00, and then we had to check out for the pep rally!

Caden with his cupcake in his classroom!

We went to the pep rally and after that followed the Homecoming parade!
Friends watching the parade!

We ended our day by going out to dinner at Logan's Roadhouse with my Mom and family. We had a great day together and I still can't believe that my baby is seven years old!

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