Thursday, November 4, 2010

Star Wars Birthday Party

As I've mentioned before, Caden had a Star Wars party for his seventh birthday! I have also mentioned that I know nothing about Star Wars, but I have managed to pick up a little along the way! I started planning by looking at ideas on the internet and going to the exhibit also helped a little.We usually dress the parts at our parties, but I did not have the time or funds to participate this year! Caden, however, was the one and only  Darth Vader! Which would later double as his Halloween costume! Here are some pictures from his party! I think he had a great turn out!

Darth Vader Birthday Boy!
Playing with friends
I made these "light sabers" with
 pool noodles and black tape

 Yoda Soda

Wookie Cookies

Light Sabers and Jedi Jellies

 "The Fighter" and "Millenium Falcon"
His Cake

Love my Birthday Boy!

I think he had a great party this year! We have now been discussing next year's theme!

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