Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Boats, Blues, and BBQ

My friend Lindsay and I planned last week to take our boys to the Boats, Blues, and BBQ festival. It was advertised as a festival with tons of fun things for the kids and plenty of BBQ and of course "The Largest Boatshow in the Southeast". I promise I didn't have any boatowners in mind!! HONESTLY!! Just fun with the kids! So, Lindsay and I drove 45 minutes there and could've sworn that it was advertised as free! When we pulled up the gentleman asked for $10.00 per adult. We laughingly asked if it was posted as free, and we didn't mind paying, but we were just checking! He asked us to hold on one minute and he would check for us. Then he came back and informed us, "Well, I got it down to $10 a car load, but you ladies can go ahead since you've waited!" whoo hooo!!  After parking and walking down toward the water and "festival" we were astounded. "Biggest Boatshow in the Southeast?", "Hmmm, how many are in the Southeast?" Those were the phrases going through our minds as we were walking around the 6 vendor tents and 2 inflatables. We were very thankful that Mr. Mike at the front gate let us through without paying!  However, if you know me, you know that I am going to have a good time anywhere! We did not let the lack of things to do at this festival get us down!! We started off at ...you guessed it...

 The Inflatables!
Caden, Christian, and Taylor

Let me apologize for my horrible camera!
I will just say I have had bad luck with cameras!

We did see a friend from Sylacauga selling boats,
and he was nice enough to give us

A) a ride to the port a potties
They loved this!

B) a ride on a boat!
Taylor and Caden

Little Christian fell asleep holding his Mommy's hand!

We did end up having a great day in the sunshine! 
We even got to play at BK afterwards! 
Since Caden didn't get his nap in on the boat,
he took his chance in the car!!

Thank you Lindsay, Taylor, and Christian!
We had a great Saturday with you all!

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