Saturday, June 19, 2010

Small Town Friday Night!

I am behind! I will post a few today to catch up! Last Friday night, Caden and I went to watch some of his friends in their VBS program. Caden knew the songs that they were singing because at this point he had been to 2 other VBS that used the "Saddle Ridge Ranch" theme. The children were all dressed in their "ranch" attire, which was super cute! 
Landon and Karlee

Afterwards, we went to Marble City Grill. It has to be everyones favorite "small town restuarant" as far as atmosphere goes! On Thursday nights, they have karaoke that has the infamous "Elvis". This gentleman puts on a show when he gets up on stage and it is ridiculously hilarious! His name is Joe, but he sings a lot of Elvis songs and he likes to be called  Elvis. However, my son gave him the name "Burnin Love" after he sang "Burnin Love" one night it stuck with Caden and that's what he calls him. I love it! The weather was great on this Friday night, so we all sat out on the patio. I love that the kids can be free and play without me freaking out about interrupting someone elses dinner!
Landon and Caden

Handsome Caden and Beautiful Karlee
This is an example of the silliness the kids can have here,
 Dinosaur Caden and super cool Karlee!

I just love simple nights like this in our small town!

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