Friday, June 11, 2010

My Wedding Date

This is his most common silly face!

This past Saturday, Caden and I had 2 weddings to attend and they were only an hour apart! He was such a good boy at them both! (with the help of a Nintendo DS with the volume turned all the way down!) He would sit and play quitely until I made him stand up when the brides walked in! I just love those "babysitters"!

The first was Brandy Mims and Jesse Tucker. Brandy and I graduated high school together. Her wonderful father was severely burned right after Christmas, and spent months in the hospital. It was unknown for a while if he would be able to walk his oldest daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. Every time I see David Mims my heart smiles that he has come as far as he has in his healing. He is living proof of a miracle. To see him walk her down the aisle was breathtaking. These two had a beautiful wedding! I hated to have to rush off after the ceremony to the other wedding. I heard everyone had a great time at the reception, despite the rain! I wish these two the best!

Brandy and Jesse

The next wedding we went to was for Brittanni Berry and Brandon Brown. I have only known Brittanni for a few months. She is best friends with a few of my other friends that she went to high school with at Fayetteville. We met when we put our Bunko group back together this year. She is tons of fun and I am looking forward to many more fun times with her! Their wedding was beautiful as well.

Brittanni and Brandon

This was Caden's favorite part of being my date!
Filling up on as much candy as he could!!

Look at that face! "what?"

So after we finished stting around eating and socializing, Caden gets his filled candy bag and dropped it all! Bless his heart! Little beaded candies went everywhere! Luckily, we knew the waitress and she was so sweet about cleaning it all up! I think I had the best wedding date ever!!:)

Brooke, Me, and Jala

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