Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cub Scouts

We signed up for Cub Scouts not too long ago and it didn't take us long to get that ball rolling! So far, we have participated in Scout Day at the Zoo, a beginning camping trip, and Cub Haunted. I am hoping that boy scouts will help me teach Caden the "guy things" that he is missing out on. Everyone always asks if I'm the only mom there, and actually I am not! Thank God!

At the zoo, we met with Aubie!

 At the beginning camper's trip!
 We got our tent put together!
(not alone!)
It actually wasn't very "hardcore"
We had pizza and watched Karate Kid on a big projection screen! ha! Nice little warm up to camping!

Cub Haunted was a Halloween themed events. He participated in archery and bb guns. They also made little crafts and had a haunted hayride! It was a good time, but one night is definately enough for me!

 Three silly little cub scouts ready to camp!!

 Mama's sweet scout!

 The Moms! Ha!

 Getting ready for some archery!

 Learning how to shoot!

 Big Boy!

 We forgot his costume,
so we bought this at the trading post!

He got this dog tag chain for his birthday from Brody.
It says "Caden Nelson- Cub Scouts"

Almost out!

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