Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Life and a New Church

We have been visiting First Baptist Church of Oak Grove since this Summer. It has been on my heart the past few weeks to join the church. This past Sunday felt like the perfect opportunity for that. Caden and I went up to Bro. Max during the invitation and I told him that we were ready to become members. He asked if Caden had accepted Jesus Christ into his heart. Now, Caden is only seven and as some of you know from my FB post, we talk about Jesus all the time. He knows how to become a Christian, but I was going to wait and let him do it on his own time. I wanted him to understand the decision he was making. I explained this to Bro Max and he then asked Caden if he was ready to ask Jesus into his heart and he said yes! After the service everyone came and congratulated us and welcomed us to the church. This is the most friendly church I have ever been to!

 After we became members!
At lunch, after he asked Jesus into his heart!

We have already been participating in the churches activities such as, Sunday School, Children's choir, and RA's. They have asked when Caden would be ready to be baptised and I am still a little unsure as to if he is ready for that yet. It is such a spiritual, life changing experience, I would want him to be sure he understand the decision he is making. I am so very proud of this little boy and have made sure that he knows that our job as a Christain is to live a God honoring life and tell everyone about Jesus!! On Sunday night, as we were laying in bed, I asked Caden how he felt now that he was a Christian. He replied, "Well I don't feel Him walking around in my heart like tick, tick tick. And I didn't hear Him say 'knock knock Caden, I am in your heart now!'" I just love this innocence of his faith!

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