Thursday, November 4, 2010

Soccer Season

Caden played soccer when he was four and last year we took a break. Or, what I hoped to be a break. I asked him if he would try one more time this year and told him that if he didn't like it this time he didn't have to do it again. He agreed. I was proud of him this season, because he actually got out there and paid attention! He mostly played the guard position, and didn't let very many balls get past him! However, even though our team (FIRE) went undefeated, Caden still had his mind made up that this would be the last year he played. Now, that is hard for me because I'm such a "ball field cheerleader mom" Ha! We have decided that in the Spring we will try BMX riding, he has always loved riding bikes. He has also mentioned karate. We'll see! Here are a few pictures from our soccer season!

Isn't he a handsome soccer player?

 The undefeated FIRE!
 Some of his team

 This was about how excited he was this year!

His TaTa came to watch!

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