Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dear 9 year old Caden,

This year has been one with many memories. It was a year that I have dreamt of since the day you were born. After Shane asked us to join him and make our family whole, we began planning the changes that were soon to come. Knowing that in the summer we were moving to our new town to be with Shane, we made the most of the time we had left in the town that built us to that point. You and I were both excited about the move, but a little nervous as well. You began to show more signs of being nervous toward the end of school. You were concerned about being the new kid and making new friends, but what saddened you the most was leaving behind your friends. As it turned out, I was the one discreetly wiping a few tears of my own on our last days in town. We love our family & friends there, our apartment & neighbors, our church & your school. But we love Shane and our future that God has planned for us, too. You'll understand this more later, but there were so many times that I prayed for God to send me where He wanted me, and I promised Him I would go there and do His work.
It is obvious now that we are in the place that He called us to. The transition that we made this year was as easy as any one's move could ever be. The strength you have shown amazes me, and everyone else for that matter. People that have known us forever always tell me that you are radiant. Even though you have always been a happy child, you are beaming these days.
We were able to spend the second half of our summer together everyday. We were lazy mostly, but had our fair share of pool days. Toward the end of the summer, you were getting impatient about having friends, so you went out and boldly made your own in the neighborhood. Boldness is such a wonderful characteristic and I am currently praying to have more.
I couldn't wait until the end of your first day of your new school, to hear all about it. I was surprised, you have never been as excited about school. You dread the end of the week, and were disappointed that you didnt have school on Labor Day. Your teachers adore you and compliment your manners the most, which makes me beam with pride! Daydreaming is your downfall in the classroom, but hopefully it will cease and be saved for more appropriate times.
There is a pretty little girl across the street that gives you butterflies. When yall play together, your conversations dont make a lot of sense and are full of giggles. Im guessing youre both nervous! You'll go outside and hit golf balls and glance over at her house after every swing, just to see if she was looking. She does the same with you and cartwheels. Her mom and I laugh at yall because youre both so cute!
We just celebrated your first birthday here with a small camping party. You were so excited the entire night. You told me that it was the best party ever, and loved having the friends here that youve grown closest to. This made me happy, too.
I prayed before we came here for a new church home, knowing that it could be a difficult process to find "the one". Luckily, when we visited the first one on New Years Day, we all knew that Centerpoint was exactly the place that God led us too. It felt so right. You really enjoy the kid program. Sometimes Ill work the preschool class while youre in Kid Central, so youll sit with us during the service. We are finally getting into a routine with you going to Awana on Wednesday nights and staying after school for a scripture learning class on Thursdays.
You have been super cooperative during this busy year. Aside from Shane and I marrying, 3 of my other best friends were married. It has been one event after another this year and you have been from place to place with us, and never complained. Thank you and I promise this year will be more laid back. People always ask when we will add a baby to our family. I understand their asking, but I just explain to them all of the changes that youve been through this year. Even though they are positive changes, theyve still been major adjustments. I wouldnt want to add any other large changes such as a baby, yet! There is no rush, and I am loving this time as a family of 3 that we have just become. However, there is no doubt that you will be an incredible big brother!!
Caden, the entire content of this letter is to remind you how proud I am to be your Mama. You have taken all of these changes this past year- a new dad, new home, new school, new church, and new friends- and embraced them for every bit of their worth. Good job, baby! This is exactly what God wants His children to do. If He calls you somewhere, you go and don't think twice about turning back. He will protect you and guide you and long as you will let Him.
 I have really been trying to grow as a wife and mother through God's Word and bibical based books. The Resolution for Women is by far the best that I have read. I want to share with you a few things that I learned from it that I want to promise you. My mission is to send you into the world as a young man who bears God's spirit, who is purposeful about His mission for your life and is intent on being His agent for change on the planet. I want to teach you responsibility and consideration of others. Also, how to show respect for women, to prepare you to fill the role as the leader in your own home. The resolution I signed for you and your future siblings says, "I will demonstrate to my children how to love God with all of their hearts, mind, and strength, and will train them to respect authority and live responsibly." I can only teach you these things through example and most importantly, with God's help. He sure knew that sending you to me was the best thing for my life. I have loved every step this far with you by my side and am looking forward to many, many more!! (Kinda nervous about the teens years! Go easy on me us!)
Love Always,
(I re read my post about turning eight and def let the tears fall!)


Brynn said...

He is such a cutie! Great post! So sweet!

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Thanks brynn!