Thursday, October 4, 2012

Camp Caden

This year, being that we just moved to a new town, we opted to have Caden a camp out in our back yard for his birthday party. It seemed like the perfect plan, to invite just a few friends that he had made in our short time here. He agreed and I began my planning to make it the most memorable camp out! Fishing in our neighborhood pond, roasting smores and hotdogs, jumping on the trampoline, and of course camping outside in the tent all night long after ghost stories were all a part of  the original plan for this camp out. A few weeks ago, Shane went fishing in the pond only to come back with the news of there being no fish in this pond! Scratch that! Everything else though, kept the boys busy and entertained, although we did skip the ghost stories as well!

We spent the week before, crafting and working out the details for his celebration. I couldnt help but instagram a few of the first things that I made for it.

I could tell he was so excited about having his best friends over for his camp out! He was hyyyyyped up!!

The inside table-
hot dogs, smore cupcakes, 3 candy buckets, take home treats, and little lanterns

Smore cupcakes

Snakes- gummy worms
Catch of the Day- swedish fish
Bears- gummy bears

outside table-
smore fixings & gifts

glow bracelets

They spent most of their time on the trampoline!

Yes, we had to bring a fan outside, because it was so hot!

Those tiki torches did a sad job of keeping the misquitoes away!
We had about 1400 of them in our house for the rest of the night and the next day!

I loved how his best little bud addressed his card!

Campfire time!
Look at how sweaty his back is! They were non stop!

He told his best friend about how he wanted a ninja costume and thats exactly what he got!

He had such a great time and told me it was his best bday party ever!

Dad and Mama got in on the smore action too!

Even with these long pj's on, my neck was eated up by misquitoes in our house!!

He got a new jacket from us!

And due to the bugs and rowdiness, this is where the boys ended up! I knew it would be wild, but I was scared for them to get eaten up too badly and keeping neighbors up all night!

We had cinnimon rolls for bfast and pumpkin spice muffins thanks to another boy's mom! We even made it to the late service at church that morning! But after cleaning up a little, I spent the rest of the day being super lazy!!

Thank you to all of his friends and family that could make this a great celebration for him! I am still getting over the fact that he is NINE years old!!

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