Friday, April 23, 2010

On this Beautiful Friday..

I went to lunch with my mom, sweet baby Palyn, Ms. Polly, and her sweet friend Renee. We went to Dale's Southern Grill, and I am usually not a big fan of homecooking, but it was really really good!
I know she looks like she would be my sister!

Ms. Palyn liked the homecooking!!

But she didn't want a picture with her BrittBritt!

This little boy,
(that by the way has a personality bigger than he can handle!)
got a smiley face at school today!

And THIS is what he got!!

Tonight I have Bunkos, which is the most fun dice game ever! We always have so much fun when we play! We used to play once a month, but the group ended and we just started one back up last month! I am so glad to have that one night a month back!!

I really hope I get one of these!!
Lord knows I really need it!!

One other thing I am super excited about... Our softball team, Peking Garden, won their first game last night of the season! I am so proud for these girls!! They honestly deserved it!!

This is Macy! She was excited!!

So a few of the girls, along with the parents, went to eat at the restaraunt that sponsors our team!
Peking Garden
 Hope everyone has a great weekend! Hopefully we in Sylacauga won't be blown away in the storm!

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