Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Shane brought me this beautiful flower!
This was Caden and I before church Sunday morning.

Sunday morning was also special because Shane went to the front of the church to make his public profession of faith. I got a little teary eyed of course! He will be baptized very soon. I was also given another flower at church for being the youngest mother! Our oldest mother was 91!

We snapped pictures outside of the Mexican restaurant!
These two always make me feel so special!!

My step mom, Connie

Connie and Calan
looks like the sun was in all of our eyes!

That afternoon, we went to Shane's cousin's house and I was able to meet a little more family! We then went to his mom's for dinner. It seems like we ate a ton of food on this day and I was feeling it later!

He took his mom flowers! We love her so much! It is very obvious that Shane's gets his "preciousness" from her! I really need her to teach me to cook all of those home cooked meals too!

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mother!
I was unable to see her for the second year in a row on this day, but we will make up for it this summer! I am so blessed to have her!

Saturday night, a few friends got together for a couple's dinner for Shane and me. It was nice chatting with those friends for a bit!

Sweet Love!

My sweet friend Lindsay!

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend,
celebrating your Mom either in Heaven or on Earth!


Blissfully Burton said...

you look so gorgeous and HAPPY! yay for you!! :)

And, love the quote! so true!

Brittany said...

Thank you! Im the happiest I have ever been! I just know it will keep getting better!!!