Thursday, May 17, 2012

Desoto Caverns- 2nd Grade Field Trip

Monday was Caden's 2 nd grade field trip, and we went to Desoto Caverns. It is a park in the our neighboring town, the town I grew up in. It is supposed to be the first recorded cave in US history. They offer many activities for the kids. I am pretty sure I was the same age as Caden when we went on a field trip here as well! A friend and I were talking about how it is so weird that this is 10 min away from us and we never come, but people will drive 3 hours to come. We took a tour through the caverns and saw a light show and of course, we learned a little bit about the rocks inside. 

Before the light show
He just wasnt smiling here!

In front of a waterfall inside of the caverns.

Shane also told Caden that morning that the bats were going to chase him because of him wearing an Auburn shirt. Silly Shane.

Next, we went through a butterfly house.

Mrs. Kimber's second grade class

I framed this picture for Caden, and hope to have his classmates sign it for him. I dont always do that, but he is having a hard time leaving his friends for our new town. He will pick up there like he has been there forever, I just know him!!

Panning for gold is his favorite! As you can tell below, he was very serious about his gem finding!

We then had lunch, played on the playground and found our way through a huge maze. Our day ended around 1 and we were able to go home for long naps!! We enjoyed our day together! I came to the conclusion that when he gets older and has the boring history trips, I will send Shane on those!

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