Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wedding Wednesday- Bridal Tea

My Bridal Tea was on April 29. The church I am a member of now, and the church I grew up in, went in together and it was a beautiful shower. I am so blessed to know so many amazing women and to have them all to look up to as the women mentioned in Titus 2. Thank you to all who helped and made this day memorable for me. (You should be warned that there are a lot of pictures, and most are of me and someone else! Have to have for memories, you know!)

My mom, my beautiful mom!

Ashley and Mrs. Jennifer
High school best friend and her mom

Olivia and Emma
two precious sisters from my current church

Emmie, Crystal, and Coleman
MOH and Bridesmaid, Crystal's baby boy

long time friend, my mom baby sat her, she baby sat me, now we have boys the same age that are friends!


Caden and Tata
I cropped them out of this pic because it was so cute of them!
Yes, Caden was running around without shoes like an ol hillbilly.

My sweet family!

Aunt Lisa

My Mawmaw Mary
Sweet grandmother, she helped raise me during a few of my elementary years, when my mom was working the night shift.

Shane's Aunt Linda

Bridesmaid and one of my very best friends

Friend I met through managing apartments, also a Mary Kay consultant on my team. Very glad she came into my life!

Another Bridesmaid and wonderfully good friend!

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Connie, my step mom
Yes, this was the color of the day!:)

Sweet Sweet Gale
My future MIL

Shane's cousins,
Baybette and Kim

Shane's Aunt Debbie
Our lovely matchmaker!

Mrs. Deb
I love this lady! She is so sweet and precious and so happy for us!

Emmie, Becca, Myself, Stevi, and Ashley
highschool friends, love them!

Shane's nieces,
Logan and Mykel

Pretty tables with our engagements all around!

The lovely centerpiece was made by Connie

Check out these sweet babies before church that morning!

My son -Caden

My niece- Palyn 
I am so thankful for this day!:)

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