Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring Break- Orange Beach

So, you already know that my princess niece, Palyn, came to spend a few days with us on Spring Break. She is such a little priss and anybody would assume she is mine because of it. We couldnt stop smiling and giggling on our way to our house. She was so happy and you could surely tell! She kept asking for a little wedding booklet with dresses on it, she was calling it a princess book. She and Caden get to the point to where they miss each other so bad, but after the first 10 minutes, they are aggravating each other and screaming! 

She got this doll house from Santa at out house and hasnt been able to play with it yet! It was the first thing she found and got into. She calls it a castle, because everything to her is for a princess!

I planned to wait until closer to Easter to give her the goodies we had, but while she was rambling around the computer room, she kept bringing me different things. First, she brought me her shoes saying, "Awwww, I lub them!", "I wanna wear them, pleeeeeease?!"....Then it was the movie, then puzzle. So I knew she couldn't wait until later!

The Easter Bunny brought Palyn a monogrammed dress, 3 big bows, a monogrammed bathing suit, new summer shoes, Tangled, a princess puzzle, princess coloring pages, and the tutu below.

We found her "hi hi" shoes from Cmas.

How adorable is she in her new bathing suit?! She's a natural!

We spent the afternoon jumping on the trampoline, watching Tangled, putting the puzzle together a few times, and loving on Shane. The next morning we went to the zoo, which you can read about here. After the zoo and a short nap, we went for yogurt treats. I am sure you all know of these type places. The ones with every type yogurt and topping imaginable. The price you pay is determined by the weight. So Caden- "Baby, dont fill it up because you know you wont eat it all" (and Mama doesn't want to spend $10 on yogurt today)

My little one listens so well...

Isnt she presh?!

At Publix, Caden hopped in next to Palyn. I was shocked that he could fit with those long legs of his!

The next day, we cut our time at Shane's short and went to my mom's a day early. We went straight to The Wharf to buy our concert tickets for my upcoming Bachelorette party.

Of course we had to ride the ferris wheel! This place was like a ghost town. It is usually so busy in the summer time. The sweet guy gave us a few extra times around.

Our Luke Bryan tickets were purchased.

Confession- After buying the tickets, Mom and I got to talking in the car. Later, we wondered where I put the tickets. (7 of them) We still have not found them, but thank goodness we paid by credit card and they were able to replace them. Whew! I would have been in trouble! I should never be responsible for anything important like that!

We went to Lulu's and let the kids play.

My mom and sister work there, so Palyn goes there a lot. She acts like she owns the place. They have these tubs of water that the kids can play in, and she runs over and just plops down in them like it's her own mini pool.

We went over to The Hangout afterwards. They have a bubble/foam machine that comes on once an hour and all of the kids run over and play in them.

Check out his big smile!
I know he is very skinny, were working on that.

The next day was a beach day!!

I love this picture, he looks like he is protecting her from the water.

Mom had to go to work, so I took the kids over to the splash park at the outlets. They had so much fun!

Since it was just me and the kiddos, I had to find the easiest and most affordable entertainment for them. So...we went back toLulu's to play more!

Here is Caden by those tubs I was telling you about.

We spent the next day at the beach.

Tired man.

I had to leave the next day for Mary Kay's Career Conf. in Mobile. But these cousins had one more day of fun and even a little more fussing!
(Sorry, all of these pictures are from my phone. That is when I take most of my random pics)

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